Metha-Drol Extreme Review

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Metha-Drol Extreme Review
By bigbenj (IronMag Member)

Let me start this by saying that like a lot of people, I was very skeptical of Pro-hormones and Designers. So often the products you can buy online or in a store are, for lack of a better word, junk. A lot of them are just placebos, placed in nice packaging. This is not the case with IronMagLabs.

I have ran their Methadrol Extreme product twice now, with fantastic results. The first time I ran it, it was my first time using a product like that, and the results were great. My lifts were going up within the first week. My heaviest set of incline bench press went up by 5 reps, in just ONE WEEK. thats a 5 rep increase on my heaviest lift in just one week. Now I was a true believer.

But, I figured I had just saw those results because it was my first time using the product, and that the next time I used it I wouldnt get results that good. Well, I was wrong! I just finished up my second run with M.E, adding it to my current supplement regiment, and in just 4 weeks I gained 18lbs. Thats over 4lbs a week. These are the kind of results you expect from illegal products, not legal supplements you can order from a legitimate company.

As long as your diet is good, you will see results. PERIOD. I would recommend Methadrol Extreme and any other IronMagLabs products to anyone, from a beginner looking to get his feet wet all the way to your more advanced users.