by Matt Weik

I spent just about ten years of my life working for a supplement company who was very well known for their protein bars. Sure, I ate them—but mainly because I was able to get them at no charge. They were convenient when I was traveling around the US for work or when I needed something quick to eat and didn’t want to make a whole food meal option (which isn’t ideal). In a world where convenience is king, many people are grabbing bars off the shelf and consuming them more now than ever before. Flavor profiles have drastically improved from back in the 90’s when protein bars tasted like cardboard. While the flavors have improved, has enough changed with them to make them a staple in your quest to reach your health and fitness goals?

by Josh Hodnik

The United States, being the responsible parent that they are, have made the decision on what drugs are safe enough for us to ingest and what are not. The first big fight in America’s war on drugs started with the Volstead Act and the Prohibition of alcohol. Now we all know how that worked out, it didn’t work out at all. Instead, bootleggers made money, and some got rich, making and distributing alcohol illegally throughout the country. The government spent loads of money to enforce Prohibition, only to fail.

by Matt Weik

It’s common to see the female side of the fitness industry shelling out money on implants. Many competitors pay big bucks to get breast implants and even butt implants—but that’s the nature of the breast, I mean beast in that side of the industry. But how is it received in the bodybuilding world? After all, the sport revolves around building your body in the gym and feeding it the nutrients it needs to repair and grow, right? Putting in the blood, sweat, and tears in the gym and resting the body so it can properly recover the broken down muscle fibers to come back larger and stronger. Not paying to bring up lagging body parts that you don’t want to work to build. Am I wrong here?

Way back in the early 1970s Arthur Jones popularized the notion of training to failure with his series of articles in Iron Man magazine. Training to the point of muscular failure, Jones explained, was the necessary stimulus for maximum muscular growth.Mike Mentzer, a former Mr. Universe and founder of “Heavy Duty” training, was absolutely adamant about it, repeatedly stating that if the muscle isn’t pushed to the point of momentary concentric failure then no growth will be stimulated.

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by Matt Weik

Who doesn’t like sleep? Those fond memories of college where you could sleep in till noon without a care in the world so long as you didn’t have an early morning class. You’d stay up all night partying as if the morning would never come. Ok, I’m getting sidetracked – daydreaming of the good old days. These days alarm clocks wake us up early and we’re off to work with the masses like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day.

Do you ever look around the gym and wonder why guys who are there all the time look the same month after month, or even year after year? Heck, do you even get depressed about why YOU seem to grow so slowly, no matter how much time you invest in your workouts? You may have heard or even believed that your stalled progress is because of “inevitable” plateaus that you just have to patiently “push through”…

Is workout timing an important aspect of an effective muscle building and fat loss program, and is it something you should be specifically paying attention to? When is the best time of day to workout for maximum performance and overall results? Some trainees are happy to jump out of bed and lace up their workout shoes first thing in the morning. Others prefer to wait a few hours and hit the weights in the afternoon. While others are part of the evening crowd and save their workouts until later in the day.

by Monica Mollica

For most people, the mere word “muscles” brings to mind huge muscular bodybuilders. The importance of muscle mass, strength, and power for physical performance in exercise and sports is obvious. However, muscles aren’t just for show. Here I will explain why.

by Tom Venuto

A recent study from Duke University comparing aerobic versus weight training to see which is better for fat loss was one of the most publicized studies of the year. My in-box was bursting with emails from Burn the Fat readers sending me links from news websites, and asking me, “What do you think of this Tom? Should I stop lifting weights and focus on aerobics until I get the fat off?” I think the researchers missed the mark when they concluded that “Aerobic exercise is better” … Read on to find out why and see what the top trainers, best bodybuilders and hottest fitness models in the world really say is the best way to burn fat the fastest…

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The Holy Grail for male enhancement/performance, life, or sexual enhancement, is boosting testosterone, particularly if it can be done safely and legally. A number of means and methods can boost testosterone, albeit most are temporary and have only a modest effect on enhancements of various sorts. Some methods are consequential to current or anticipated changes in the environment; handling a gun increases testosterone, an obvious advantage in anticipation of meeting a threat or challenge.1