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    SUPER 1-ANDRO RX STACK Questions

    I have some questions about the Super 1-Andro RX Stack. The 4-super and 1-super Andro come with 60 capsules each. The site says two capsules daily for 4 weeks. That becomes a 30 day cycle? I ask because then the Ultra Male RX is to be taken from weeks 5-8. I also thought E Control was supposed to be used while on T (meaning the Ultra Male RX) so I am wondering why the E Control is only taken in the first four weeks as well. Also, the 4-super and 1-super Andro say to take one or two capsules twice daily with food, and never to exceed more than 4 capsules in a 24 hour period. Does this mean it could theoretically be a 15 day cycle? I am looking to have this last from this week through January 15th, so I am wondering if I will need to buy another stack within the next four weeks. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    I would take no less than 4 caps daily of EACH of the Andros, and no less than a 4 week cycle (but I definitely prefer longer cycles on the Andros). PCT should be 1 cap daily of Ultra Male (1 bottle is good for 2 PCTs), and 3 caps daily of E-Control ( doses spread out AM, MID-DAY, PM ) for at least 30 days. ebfitness15 for your discount.
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