I trained back & tris yesterday. After drinking 60 grams of malto/dextrose, 8 grams of creatine and 47 grams of whey/soy protein. I injected 66 mcgs of mgf bilaterally in delts. I also drank a rockstar energy drink during wo. The drink has 64 grams of carbs mostly dextrose. I was in keto before I drank the first drink. My body always goes into ketosis overrnight because my brain is yuge! After the workout, I had a keto recovery meal. I gave some time for fluids to clear and checked for ketones and was already beck in. This stuff is great for doing a TKD! It seems to be doing the carb shuttling thing also. Mgf is basically IGF-1. It isn't quite as good as the DES but works. I had also taken 200/200 mcgs of DAC/GHRP-2 earlier in the morning so igf-1 was high from that also. Taking MK the night before didn't hurt anything either.

Wed back & tris:

Supinated grip pulldowns:
170 X 10 X 3

120 X 10 X 2

Underhand rows:
135 X 10
185 X 10 X 2

Close grip bench:
135 X 10 X 3 still having problems with elbow

Cybex tri ext:
62.5 X 10 X 2

Cybex trcep press:
150 X 10 X 3