1-ANDRO RX & 4-ANDRO DUAL Stack - Log/Progress/Side Affects/Pics

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    1-ANDRO RX & 4-ANDRO DUAL Stack - Log/Progress/Side Affects/Pics


    I have been running the 1-ANDRO RX and 4-ANDRO RX for 2 weeks now at 3 pills a day. 2 Pills in the morning and 1 at night. I am currently on week 2 and I am running a 6 week cycle. (This is 2 bottles of 1-ANDRO Rx and 2 bottles of 4-ANDRO RX).

    About me:

    I am 6'4, I play basketball 1-2 times. I do not do cardio besides basketball 1-2 times a week + 1 time a week cycling. I would consider myself athletic as I've played college basketball, but I've always been on the lean skinny muscular size and I want to change that and get larger muscle mass gain but not bodybuilding mass gain if you know what I mean.

    Progress from 2 weeks:

    I have noticed my gains and lean muscle mass has been building. I have increased my calorie count a little more but I have not gained weight I am losing it and its turning into muscle. I was 186lbs and now I am 187 -188lbs after 2 weeks, however its more muscular now. My strength has increased in the gym. For example I was doing 25lbs dumbbell curls and kind of struggling before and now I'am easily doing 30lbs. A small increase but the strength difference is noticeable.

    Side affects after 2 weeks:

    I have noticed a small increase in aggression and a small increase in pimples on my back and a couple of my face that I usually do not get. I have had no back pumps luckily. My libedo is noticeably lower, I am not as horny as I used to be, I do not want to have sex everyday, however I have no problem getting it up when my GF and I have sex, no problem at all! The first week I have did not notice any side affects, all side affects started on week 2.


    I will be updating pictures later... just wanted to get the thread started...

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    Right on! And you can always add in some more 4-Andro to improve libido. ebfitness15 for your discount code whenever you need anything!
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