19 Nor-DHEA Enanthate

Main Effects of ENANTHATED 19 Nor-DHEA:
+ Increased Lean Muscle Growth
+ No Estrogen Conversion
+ Female Friendly

19 Nor-DHEA, also know as 3b-enanthoxy-19-nor-androst-4-ene-17-one (Which is also called Decasterone). While that might sound all scientific, it's really just a name made up by Redefine Nutrition and filed as a trademark on March 12, 2012. The term "19nor" means that a methyl group was removed from testosterone at a key position on its molecular backbone. This slight alteration of the chemical structure reduces the DHT related side effects (prostate issues, balding, zits) as well as the estrogenic side effects (gyno, man boobs, chesticles) that testosterone possesses.

"3b-enanthoxy-19-nor-androst-4-ene-17-one" is a new compound that's a two step precursor to 19nor-testosterone. This conversion can easily take place in the body as 3b-enanthoxy-19-nor-androst-4-ene-17-one --> 19 nor androstenediol --> 19 nor Testosterone

(This new compound is comprised of lipophilic ester (enanthate ester bond) at the 3-key position to not only to increase the stability of the compound, but also to increase purity.)---19Nor DHEA Enanthated

The problem with other precursors to Nandrolone like 19-nor-DHEA, is two fold. During the final stage of the production process of regular 19 nor-DHEA, purity is compromised due to the instability of the compound. Because 19norDHEA is very unstable during the final stage of reaction, some of the material in the reactor will be converted to other isomer and other unknown impurities.

The second issue with regular 19 nor-DHEA is the delivery system. Regular 19norDHEA has a very short half life, which results in poor bioavailability. While 19-Nor DHEA enanthate can improve the bioavailability and also the purity. Main highlights of 19 Nor DHEA Enanthated is it mimics the benefits of nandrolone or 19 nor testosterone (Same as Nandrolone, 19 Nor DHEA Enanthated can increase muscle tone and density. It does this by helping the body use any consumed proteins more efficiently. The effects are usually temporary and a diet very high in protein is needed to build muscle tone sufficiently. 19 Nor-DHEA Enanthated can also decrease recovery times from injury and increase stamina levels by reducing fatigue after exertion. It does this by increasing the level of muscle glycogen repletion after a tough exercise regime. This means athletes can train for longer periods without getting tired. According to the For Bodybuilders website, 19 Nor DHEA Enanthated is effective at moving oxygen through the bloodstream at a quicker rate than usual, speeding up recovery times from injuries and helping torn muscles and damaged bones repair themselves. It is also believed to increase feelings of competitiveness and aggression, which can be an advantage in sporting events. 19 Nor DHEA Enanthated is also effective at decreasing overall levels of body fat.