New cycle question

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    New cycle question

    I am getting ready to run a new cycle and haven't run one in a while. Honestly its even been a while since i was in the website. With there being a lot of new products on the market now I was wondering about a cycle. I was wondering what would be the best way to go for maximum size and strength while staying lean and having no problems with libido. That's usually my wife's first issue and mine too LOL. I usually have an issue with loosing interest and hardness when running a cycle.
    I was thinking about either 1andro and 4andro two bottles each or two bottles of super DMZ 5.0. If I have about $250 to spend for on cycle and post cycle what would you recommend? I am not really interested in the gels unless it is really a huge difference.
    As always thanks for all the help

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    If you have questions about your order or need help with anything please contact us.

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