E control sides.....need info

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    E control sides.....need info

    Took e control about 2 years ago and had to stop 2 weeks in due to terrible gas. WELL for some reason a little gyno started flaring up so I thought id try E control one more time hoping last time was a fluke. The gas is still terrrrrible, all day. My bladder/penis feel weird like i need to pee but not really. Just feels full?? and my shits are just odd currently. I have no idea what ingredient could be causing this out of the 3.... and scared to continue

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    This is super odd. We have never heard of this complication.

    What I would suggest is that if that product, and you are sure of it, is bothering you.

    Switch over to Estrozone by Musclegelz.

    You can still use IML discount codes, for instance mine is "WES15" at checkout for 15% off

    This is a topical version. It's excellent and you rub it onto your shoulders, arms and abs and it absorb superior to oral versions. And now you bypass any gas issues you might be having. Hope this helps!!

    Use Discount Code "WES15" for 15% off @ Ironmaglabs.com and Ironmagresearch.com

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