Kai Greene Interview – What Does The Future Hold For Kai?

Kai Greene discusses the future and Chronicles Of King Kai comics.

Kai Greene has had one hell of a career ever since stepping down from competing in pro bodybuilding. He’s pushed forward with his acting career landing a featured character in Stranger Things, he’s started his own supplement company Dynamik Muscle, and he’s continued to grow his comic book series Chronicles of King Kai. The latter of which he was repping when we met up with him at the New York Comic Con this past weekend – and it seems big things are in store for the future of his comic book series.

The Chronicles of King Kai currently sits at four released issues – but according to Kai things are about to push forward in a major way. He’s started his own publishing company, Dynamik Comics that will start to pick up other comic book series – using Chronicles of King Kai as their flagship property. Kai has also learned a lot throughout the years to streamline and improve the comic books themselves – bringing in more people to the creative team to help expand his comic book series.