NPC start to distance themselves from using the name IFBB

Since the split between the NPC/Pro League and the IFBB in 2017, there has been a lot of confusion regarding these two federations.

Till today, a number of athletes do not know who the real IFBB federation belongs to, or where they can compete.

There is only one IFBB federation and that is the federation lead by President Rafael Santonja. It is the federation that was created by Joe and Ben Weider. Before his death, Ben Weider recommended Dr. Rafael Santonja to become President of the IFBB and he was voted unanimously to become president.

After the split, the IFBB immediately created their own pro division called the IFBB Elite Pro League. In just two years, this pro league has gained a lot of popularity with the IFBB athletes. As the NPC/Pro League have the Olympia Weekend for their best athletes to awarded, the Elite Pro have the IFBB Elite Pro World Championships.

Then there is the NPC and the IFBB Professional League, before the split, it was a natural decision to name the professional league IFBB Professional League as it was the pro league that the IFBBs new pros competed in.

The NPC, lead by President Jim Manion, was the American affiliate to the IFBB, just one of the over 195 affiliated countries.

The NPCs amateur athletes had the chance to compete in prestigious contests such as the IFBB World Championships and various other contests that would enable them to earn their pro card.

For the past two years, has always said that the NPC should drop the name IFBB from their pro league name. This would cause less confusion and it would make more sense to rename it NPC Pro League.

Immediately after the split, Jim Manion registered three names, NPC Pro, NPC Worldwide and National Physique Committee Pro League.

Manion already knew that eventually he cannot continue using the IFBB name as in reality it is not his to use. The IFBB name is registered to the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness)

It has become a trend with a number of NPC promoters to put the name IFBB in front of the name of their event. This is totally wrong. The only way IFBB can be used in relation to NPC events is for their pro shows and it has to be IFBB Professional League and nothing else.

The NPC Worldwide affiliate in the UK, 2BrosPro have already started informing their athletes to refrain from using the name IFBB on their social media and website statuses.

On their IG story, 2BrosPro are informed their athletes to replace the IFBB wording with NPC Worldwide Athlete when they mention themselves on social media (See screenshot and video at end of article)

This move is proof that the NPC and the NPC Worldwide are distancing themselves from the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness).

Well done to Bob Cicherillo and his team for starting this process.

Sources close to confirm that Jim Manion was informed to make this move on a bigger scale after the split.

If this trend continues, it would make sense for both the NPC/Pro League and the IFBB and IFBB Elite Pro League.

If an NPC amateur wins his/her pro card they can be called a NPC Pro athlete and if a IFBB amateur wins his/her pro card they be called a IFBB Elite Pro athlete.

This trend looks as it is starting in Europe with 2BrosPro leading the way. With Bob Cicherillo taking this decision other promoters will follow the trend in removing the words IFBB from their competitions.