Caffeine Potentiates Effects of Creatine

For close to a decade now, creatine has been an essential ingredient in my Bomb Proof Coffee recipe. Some would ask if the caffeine in the coffee would negate the benefits of the creatine as previously thought due to old = and debunked Ė data. I discussed that issue previously for those who want to understand where it came from, and why itís another classic myth that needs to die.

Fast forward to current data, a recent study found not only didnít caffeine negate the effects of creatine, it actually potentiated the effects. Anecdotally, thatís in line with my experiences and feedback from those using the BPC recipe, but now itís been supported by the data. This study was done in humans, and looked at useful endpoints such as muscle EMG activity and improvements in torque:

Caffeine Potentiates the Ergogenic Effects of Creatine. JEP online 2017;20(6):66 -77 .

The aim of this study was to determine the effect of caffeine on creatine supplementation on electromyographic activity and torque. Sixteen males were supplemented with caffeine (6 mg∑kg-1) and creatine (3 g). They did the knee extension test on the isokinetic dynamometer while electromyographic activity was monitored.

The caffeine group achieved 4.57% increase in EMG activity and 4.25% increase in torque. The creatine group achieved a 17 .07% decrease in the EMG activity and a 3.45% increase in torque. The caffeine and creatine group achieved a 3.07% increase in EMG activity and a 5.79% increase in torque.

The findings indicate that the consumption of caffeine at 6 mg ∑kg-1 in association with 3 g of creatine for 7 d ays generated a significant improvement in performance, increased the production of torque, and improved the EMG muscle activity.

Thus, it is more than reasonable to conclude that caffeine potentiates the effects of creatine during a physical exercise.