Enhanced 2 The Max Clip: Is Tony Huge Willing To Die For...

Watch this exclusive clip from Enhanced 2 The Max Ė available on all major digital platforms January 31, 2020. Pre-order your digital copy today right here. In this clip, Tony Huge answers the biggest fan question (and criticism) of his life studying PEDs: will he die from experimenting with such potentially dangerous chemicals?

Tony Huge is on a mission to prove to the world that there is a method behind his madness. That itís the culture that is wrong about steroids and other PEDs. That these drugs are no more or less harmful when used correctly as other drugs that are legally sold over the counter. To do that, he needs to conduct underground experiments. Because of this Ė he often has to become his own test subject.

Many have criticized that he will drop dead at a young age because of his supposed reckless testing of drugs on his body (and possible hurt other volunteers). These comments donít bother Tony Huge though Ė because he understands the risks and is willing to take them in the name of science.

He also believes that the sentiment is over exaggerated. He believes heíll be alive for a long time to come and also thinks that most people put their lives at risk in the same way every single day. They do it through cigarettes and abuse of pain medications and fat burners and plenty of other completely legal substances that many people abuse on a daily basis.

Surely, there is hypocrisy to be found whenever the discussion of drugs and regulations come into play. But the ultimate question remains Ė does Tony Hugeís experiments cross the line into something more dangerous completely? Watch the exclusive clip from Enhanced 2 The Max above and decide for yourself.