Melanotan-2 in web stores often contaminated and under-dosed
If you buy Melanotan-2 on the web, there is a big chance that you will get a contaminated preparation. This is apparent from an analysis of no fewer than 73 preparations that Danish biochemists at Aalborg University published in 2015 in Drug Testing & Analysis.Quality
The researchers bought their specimens from three different web stores, which they call A, B and C. The quality of the preparations from web shop C was good. The Danes found no impurities in the vials.

The quality of the preparations from webshops A and B - good for about three-quarters of all items tested - was less good. Five percent of the content of these preparations fell under the 'impurities' category.


All the vials that the Danes tested contained less Melanotan-2 than the labels stated. According to the labels, the bottles had to contain 10 milligrams of active substance.However, the largest amount found by the Danes in a vial was 8.8 milligrams. The smallest amount that the Danes found in a bottle was 4.3 milligrams.

Biomed Pharmacother. 2017;96:513-23.