Green Coffee Bean causes weight loss, meta-study
After it came to light in 2014 that a jubilant study on the beautiful slimming effects of Green Coffee Bean was the result of scientific fraud, the public image of Green Coffee Bean is no longer what it once was. According to a meta study, which appeared in Phytomedicine in 2019, that may not have been entirely justified. Green Coffee Bean does work.Study

In the medical literature, nutrition scientists from Tehran University of Medical Sciences in Iran tracked 13 previously published studies, describing including a total of 16 randomized controlled trials in which subjects were given Green Coffee Bean extracts, and in which the researchers determined the effect of supplementation on body weight. The dosages and duration of use varied.Results
Green Coffee Bean supplementation was effective. On average, the subjects lost a kilogram of body weight.

Indeed, a kilogram of body weight is not much. But in a second analysis, in which the researchers looked only at the subjects with a BMI of more than 25, the decrease in body weight rose to 2 pounds. That's better.
The researchers also looked at the effect of the dose and the duration of the supplementation. The trends in the figures below are not statistically significant, but the effect of the duration of the administration in particular gives food for thought.

Cardiovascular safety
According to another recent meta-study, Green Coffee Bean has positive effects on cholesterol levels. [Nutr Metab Cardiovasc Dis. 2020 Jan 3;30(1):1-10.] This suggests that Green Coffee Bean has a positive effect on cardiovascular health.

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