Human study | This is the analgesic effect of kratom
Kratom is gaining popularity in pharmacological bodybuilding. The analgesic effect of the Asian herbal would allow more intensive training, experts say. According to a Malaysian human study, recently published in the Yale Journal of Biology & Medicine, that may well be true.Kratom
Kratom or Mitragyna speciosa is a tree that grows in South-East Asia. The leaves of the tree contain substances such as mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, which activate the opoid receptor in the body, thus reducing pain stimuli. In addition, they also have a stimulating effect.

In Asian countries, drug addicts use kratom powder as an alternative to hard drugs like heroin, while in Western countries, supplements containing kratom powder are a trend in hardcore bodybuilding. Some pharmacological athletes use them as a pre-workout supplement. The analgesic effect allows them to make more sets and reps during heavy and painful training sessions.Study
On several occasions, the researchers gave 23 young men a glass of drinkable extract of dried kratom powder or a similar liquid with no active ingredients. The researchers made the extract by mixing water and powder together and then boiling them. The researchers do not provide precise data on doses.

An hour after the subjects had consumed kratom extract, they felt less pain when they put their hands in ice-cold water [with a temperature of 2.5 to 3.5 degrees Celsius]. In any case, kratom extended the time the subjects were able to keep their hand in the cold water.

Kratom also made the experience less unpleasant.Conclusion
"These findings should be replicated in larger and more diverse samples to provide rigorous assessment of the observed effects", the researchers write. "Extensive controlled studies are needed to fully evaluate currently debated potential beneficial and harmful effects of kratom and to determine its potential future therapeutic value for pain or other conditions."

"The study findings should not be interpreted as endorsing the use of kratom products for self-treatment of pain or other conditions."
"Furthermore, in the current study, kratom decoction was prepared under strictly controlled laboratory conditions using botanical materials inspected and identified using precise botanical markers by scientists with extensive experience studying the kratom plant."
"Products that are labeled as 'kratom' or 'containing kratom' that are purchased online or in stores are typically not prepared under such strictly controlled conditions."
Yale J Biol Med. 2020 Jun;93(2):229-38.