C60 makes muscles tireless
The nanomolecule C60, which mimics the action of enzymes such as SOD in the mitochodria, is marketed as a longevity supplement. Those supplements also seem to be catching on in sports. Maybe with good reason, suggests an animal study that Ukrainian biophysicists from Taras Shevchenko National University published in the Journal of Nanobiotechnology.C60 for athletes
If you believe the testimonials on sites that sell C60, bodybuilders lose fat when they use C60. At the same time, they are able to work out more intensively and notice that old injuries heal.

Runners who supplement with C60 after grueling competitions seem to recover faster, and are surprised to find that they have no sore muslces or painful joints. Swimmers taking C60 break their personal records. And hey - older athletes suddenly notice that they no longer need their glasses. Of course.
You read similar stories on Reddit and athlete forums.So - if we ignore the stories about improved eyesight by C60 users, should we take these anecdotes seriously? The Ukrainian animal study, which appeared in 2017 by the way, suggests so.
The researchers injected a leg muscle from anesthetized rats - the triceps surae to be precise - with 0.15 milligrams per kilogram of body weight C60, dissolved in water. They injected the same muscle, in the leg on the other side of the body, with salt water.

The Ukrainians waited an hour, and then administered a series of electrical stimuli to both muscles, causing the muscles to contract. The researchers determined the force with which the muscles contracted.
The strength that the muscles injected with C60 [the gray bars] developed decreased significantly less quickly during the successive electrical stimuli than that of the muscles that were injected with salt water [the white bars].


Sure, injecting muscles is very different from using supplements with droplets of olive oil with C60. What can you expect from taking C60 orally?And then those darn side effects. According to the researchers, the dose they gave their rats has no side effects, but frankly, we are less and less reassured that C60 is safe. Informed readers send us studies that make our hair stand on end.
We still have a lot to read. More coming soon.
J Nanobiotechnology. 2017 Jan 13;15(1):8.