need a bulking diet

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    need a bulking diet

    alright today i took my first methadrol pill.
    i need help though on a diet that will make me huge any sugestions on what i should eat obviusly lots of protein and carbs but can someone try and write me up something thanks

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    Re: need a bulking diet

    You are going to put on some body fat while bulking, but the trick is to keep fat gain to a minimum...

    It is possible to plan a diet that works either way. Remember that supplements expedite gains, they don't control them.

    I don't know what your metabolism is like but here is an idea:

    Bulking Diet
    approx 4,000 Calories
    Water consumption should be about 1 gallon daily, and if you
    drink 12oz of Soda, drink 12oz of water about an hour after.

    First, here is an idea of a post workout shake:

    1 Whey Protein mix (2 Scoops)
    2 grams Glutamine
    1 simple sugar beverage
    Meal 1:

    5 Hard boiled or Scrambled Eggs (you could also make a 5 egg omlette)
    2 Slices whole wheat toast
    1 Cup Oatmeal (I mix brown sugar and peanutbutter in mine)
    2 Cups 1% Milk/Soy milk is better

    Meal 2:

    3oz Raw or roasted almonds
    2 Cans Tuna or canned chicken

    Meal 3:

    6oz Grilled Chicken Breast
    1.5 Cups Rice or Pilaf

    Meal #4

    7oz Sirloin Steak
    2 Potatoes (baked with light butter)

    Meal #5

    8oz Grilled Chicken Breast
    1 Half Cup Rice
    1 Rice Cake (with peanut butter)
    2 Bananas

    Meal 6:

    1.5 lbs Ground Beef
    1.5 Cups wild rice
    3 Rice Cakes or whole grain bread (with honey and peanut butter)
    1 RTD or Slimfast of your choice

    Meal #7 (Just before bed)

    8oz Cottage Cheese (Lowfat)
    1 cup bland oatmeal

    Mid day you can treat yourself to a candybar or brownie=approx 28-30 grams of sugar
    will add to glucose uptake (cellular).

    Black coffee is fine in the morning and mid-day but if you can handle it drink green tea instead.

    Hope this helps a little....

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    Re: need a bulking diet

    Looks solid to me ^^^

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