Cyanostane vs Osta Rx

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    Cyanostane vs Osta Rx

    I'm about to finish my e-control portion of my Econtrol, AM and UM stack and I've seen some very good gains over these past 4 weeks and really like the IML product line. I'm strongly considering buying OstaRx when it comes out and then running that while I take 4 weeks off e-control and then during my last 2 weeks of AM and UM and then only Osta. After the Osta Cycle I'd restart Econtrol, AM, and UM, as a precaution, but also just to use them because of the very strong results I've been seeing.

    However, I also noticed that Cyanostane would be available soon and that it looks like exactly what I'd be hoping to get out of the Osta, large lean muscle gain, with very low risk of developing anything gyno related and having overall low side effects. If I were to run this, I would wait until my 8weeks of UM and AM were done without restarting e-control and then run a 4 week cycle just as the instructions state.

    Are the gains from Cyanostane projected to be better than the results of Osta? Any other major differences that I've over looked? Would Cyanostane be too much for a first time user dosed at 2 caps a day, and then would Osta be a better choice because I'm a first time user?

    Thanks for all the help

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    Cyanostane will be a stronger compound then ostarx....ostarine is a its creates similiar actions as a aas but use a diff pathway per say....ostarx doesnt directly suppress the it can be run off cycle to help retain and improve on gains from a aas most it will not be as strong as most primary you can run the.cyano...and then use the osta while you pct and in between cycles...

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    Like s2h said, it's intended use is PCT or for bridging purposes.

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