Do you ship to norway, and is it free if i order over $100

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    Do you ship to norway, and is it free if i order over $100

    OSTA Rx™ - SARM

    This is what im thinking of ordering, does custums stop this often?

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    We do not ship international, please check with our retailers, e.g. Orbit Nutrition ~
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    Hi Reload

    Packages arriving in to the EU from the USA will go through procedural customs clearance for tax purposes when entering your country. Packages delivered within the EU member states do not need to pay tax and so clear straight away. Dont worry if you have ordered a small amount because it wont get stopped anyway. You may know the laws in the UK are more liberal than the rest of Europe so we can import direct.
    Contact me on our web site on the contact box or on this forum if you like for more info.

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