Thinking to lose weight first with Lean Fuel Extreme?

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    Unhappy Thinking to lose weight first with Lean Fuel Extreme?

    Hello guys,
    I have just got my super-dmz cycle stack and I don't feel to start using it soon. I'm being called slim by my friends however, I have lots of fats around my waist for years. Im almost 21 years old and I do some regular exercises from a time to another. I have decided to lose the fats I have around my belly before I start the super-dmz cycle. I used lots of products and drug for weight loss and fat loss and I have seen no results. Im thinking about using the LEANFUEL EXTREME combined with RAZOR CUTS. I just need advices from professionals or users whom used those products to lose stubborn fats. How long should I use both products for? Am I gonna lose the stubborn fat with these? I also have cheeks fats which I find disturbing making me a baby face guy. Do you suggest using the DMZ stack cycle first or start with LEANFUEL EXTREME and RAZOR CUTS?
    I am about 5'8" - 144lbs.

    I talking seriously guys. You might think that Im talking crap because my weight is considered thin, but I have a big bulky lossy belly that stretches out when I sit and it looks full of fats. MY belly looks like a mans in mid 40s

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    Hey Bad,

    The first thing you might want to look at is your diet. Be sure you look at the amount of cals you are taking in, along with the amount of fat grams you are taking in.
    Once you have this under control, and know what you are eating. Then look at your training in the gym.
    Once you have both of these in order and train hard, the weight (body fat) will go down.

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    Im totally aware of what Im eating, but the stubborn fats I have seems not an issue of my diet. I have had this big ugly belly since childhood. I guess its a hormonal issue or a genetic. I remember once I had a very long strict diet combined with lots of exercises got me so thin and cheekless, but the belly fats were still there, however about a half inch loss only. I just don't know how hard does it take for someone my age to burn body fats. I don't want to do a tummy tuck surgery. Will LEANFUEL and RAZOR CUTS help? it could be a water retention around my waist, true?

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    Maybe this will help u out on what your asking...1st make out a nice blueprint(workout/ diet ) on what it is you want to build it up n work on it hard..after that make it look better then what u wanted it to turn out don't cut 1st cause its nothing there that needs to b cut up yet...when u on cycle u may n will gain all of that right jus do d cycle 1st n then after u gain size that little fat may play a good role on ur new build/gains n after the cycle make it look good with ur cutting cycle if it was me,i'll jus add razor cut to my pct after I come off dmz...making it a gain cycle for 4weeks with pct,n cutting at d end for another 4weeks for a nice 8week cycle
    Keep on pushing until the pain is hot an then keep pushing until that feeling is no more....

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