What To Eat Before & After A Workout For The Ultimate Physique

Milos Sarcev goes into great detail on how to transform your body with every meal.

In general, most individuals know the basics of a healthy diet. But when it comes to pro bodybuilding, the devil is in the details. Itís not only about what you eat, but when you eat it, how you supplement it, and how you adjust to best suit how your body is reacting. It can all become extremely complicated. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, bodybuilding coach Milos Sarcev goes in-depth on the best tactics for eating before and after your workout.

First thingís first. There is no one solution for your diet plan to build the ultimate physique. Thatís what makes bodybuilding so challenging. What works for one person doesnít work the same way for someone else.

That being said, there are certain key rules and tactics that you can apply to start building towards the ultimate diet for your bodybuilding training. These rules can then be adjusted and adapted to what works best for your body. Eventually you will have a pitch perfect plan that works for you Ė and youíll start excelling with your physique progress.

We spoke with Milos Sarcev about the details for your diet. Not specifically what to eat Ė but how to schedule your diet plan around your workouts. As Milos himself puts it, every time you eat a meal is an opportunity to affect and change your body. Each meal should be looked at as a window of time where you can specify what your body absorbs and make it best benefit your long term goals.

Milos Sarcev looks at bodybuilding dieting in three phases. There is the maintenance phase. This is when you are happy with the overall look of your physique and simply want to maintain it. Then thereís the fat burning phase. This is when you want to cut weight and get lean. Lastly, thereís the anabolic phase. This is when you want to build muscle and size.

What you eat before, between, and after your workouts can have a huge effect on your entire regimen and physique. Timing certain kinds of meals around when you plan to train can help get the most desired effect out of a workout. Thatís why itís important to know exactly what happens to your body during and after training. This allows you to supply yourself with the correct nutrients which will react to the changes of your body due to training.

Thatís where Milos Sarcevís advice comes in handy. In this video clip, Milos goes into great detail about suggestions and tactics you can apply for each meal of the day. He covers what kind of foods are best after sleeping (and taking advantage of a natural fast that comes with it), right before a workout, in between workouts, and after you are done training for the day before sleep.