Aronia reduces cellulite
A capful of super-berry Aronia juice a day can reduce not too serious types of cellulite. Serbian researchers discovered this when they gave Aronia juice to nearly thirty adult women.

Cellulite occurs when fat in the subcutaneous layers develops a grainy structure. This can happen when the compartments of which fat tissue is composed - researchers call this subcutaneous tissues fascicles - become enlarged.Cellulite can also happen when the collagen structures surrounding the subcutaneous tissue fascicles lose their suppleness or shrink.
A popular theory is that both these processes are a consequence of the capillaries just under the surface of the skin clogging up.
Below left is a diagram of healthy skin; below right is skin with cellulite.


If you give people anthocyanins from berries or other fruit, their capillaries become suppler, wider and they start to function better. So it may just be the case that supplementation with super-berry Aronia melanocarpa reduces cellulite.This was the reasoning of researchers at the University of Belgrade. So they got together 29 women aged 25-48 with grade-2 cellulite and gave them 100 ml aronia juice every day for 90 days.
They used a product manufactured by Conimex, which is available in Serbian supermarkets.

Before and after supplementation the researchers scanned the subjects' subcutaneous structure. They observed that Aronia made the subcutaneous tissue fascicles smaller [right column of the table below].

"Results obtained in this study showed marked potential of anthocyanin-rich chokeberry juice to improve the morphology of skin and subcutaneous tissue in the regions affected by cellulite under in vivo conditions", the researchers conclude.

"These findings add new evidence in the dossier of beneficial effects of anthocyanins and postulate a new research strategy for both prevention and treatment of cellulite."
The study was funded by the Serbian government.

J Med Food. 2014 May;17(5):582-7.