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Original price was: $44.99.Current price is: $39.99.

Deep Sleep & Relaxation Complex

✔️ Support Healthy Rested Sleep†
✔️ Helps Enhance Relaxation†
✔️ Mental and Cognitive Support†


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Original price was: $44.99.Current price is: $39.99.

Dream-n-Grow is an all-natural product formulated to help promote deep sleep and relaxation that will support healthy muscle recovery and growth hormone levels. Dream-n-Grow helps you feel more relaxed, have a general feeling of comfort, and pleasant sleep patterns.† Along with training and diet sleep is one of the foundational pillars on which any successful bodybuilding program rests. Slack in this area just a little bit, and progress will be compromised. This is not surprising as sleep is the time during which the body recovers from the previous day’s stress and reenergizes for the day to come, but what is surprising is the level of inattention it usually receives. With such a profound influence on the body’s ability to recover and grow, the uninitiated might assume that bodybuilders routinely place special emphasis on this aspect of their program. However, this is rarely the case. Unlike training and nutrition in which most of us agonize over every little detail, sleep is generally given short shrift with little attention paid to quantity and even less given to quality.


(per capsule)

  • Magnesium (from source of MG) – 100mg
  • Mitragyna Speciosa Extract (leaves)– 250mg
  • L-Theanine – 200mg
  • GABA (gamma-Aminobutyric Acid) – 50mg
  • Phellodendron Root – 50mg
  • Mucuna Pruriens (std. 15% L-Dopa)(seed) – 50mg
  • 5-HTP (5 Hydroxytryptophan) – 25mg
  • Melatonin – 5mg

Suggested Use

Take one (1) or two (2) capsules approximately 30-45 minutes before sleeping.

Weight 4 oz

20 reviews for Dream-n-Grow

  1. François Jezequel (verified owner)

    Very good product! After testing different products dedicated to sleep and having often disappointed I discovered Dream-n-Grow . And it’s not a vulgar placebo! I use it for about a decade and when I take it I sleep like a baby :)! Take Dream-n-Grow 25 minutes to 40 minutes before you go to bed and you will really know a deep sleep. Also, it is easier to take than some powdered products. A single capsule is already very powerful in terms of effect. Also, this does not require you to drink too much water before you go to bed. Surprisingly, Dream-n-Grow is a very good solution if you have sleep problems and is effective.

  2. Peter Lyas (verified owner)

    This product is great! I dealt with insomnia for 15 years and tried all kinds of various sleep aids and I found that none of them were as effective as dream n grow. With this product all I do is take 2 capsules and 30 -45 minutes later I’m ready to go to sleep. When I say sleep I mean sleep for 7 -8 hrs like a baby I totally recommend this product especially if you deal with the same sleep disorder as I do.

  3. miltoncrl (verified owner)

    Great product, it really helped me to get more deep sleep and sleep in general. This led to faster recovery times and more muscle growth. I train for strength and this helped for sure.

  4. Miguel Dupree (verified owner)

    This thing is amazing. It finally got my sleep schedule in order. I wake up refreshed and energetic. A miracle worker! I stock up every month.

  5. Seth

    Before taking this product I’ve Always had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep this has helped me have a full 7-8 hour night with out getting up in the middle of the night.
    I give this product 5 stars.

  6. Sam

    I like using this product a couple nights a week an hour or 2 before getting into bed. Send to help me fall asleep more quickly

  7. Zack Jacob (verified owner)

    I struggle to sleep sometimes because of my irregular work schedule. With dream and grow I notice the difference in how fast I fall asleep and I get better quality sleep. Less waking up during the night and I feel more recovered from my workouts after getting better quality sleep.

  8. Daniel (verified owner)

    Amazing. I sleep like a baby on this stuff. Since I can see the results for this product so plainly, it gives me faith that their other products, like Max Defense and Advanced Cycle Support also work.

  9. Zac Bastien

    One of the most effective sleep aids ive ever tried. Not just melatonin bs it actually keeps you asleep. I only need 1

  10. Lander Davidson (verified owner)

    Dream n’ Grow is a great product since most recovery happens during sleep, this helped optimize my recovery and sleep. I am super satisfy and think this product is a great addition to the stacks after some great training sessions!

  11. Brian Duclos (verified owner)

    Fantastic product! I take 2 of these before bed and the sleep is great! I only get about 5-6 hrs per night but when taking this I feel fully rested upon waking

  12. hfo3 (verified owner)

    Over the years I’ve suffered with staying asleep through the night, like many of you guys I’ve tried everything. I’m leaving this review simply because Dream and Grow works kicks ass. I combine 1 cap with 1 CBD gummy and I sleep like a hibernating bear straight through, Thanks IML

  13. ordawg1 (verified owner)

    I have severe problems with going to sleep and staying asleep. This by far is the best product I have ever used for sleep !! Also told a few family members and they are also loving it -Thanks Guys

  14. Vision (verified owner)

    A breath of fresh air. After years of being on script meds for sleep, sleep has became a struggle and far and few in between. I’m currently on my 2nd bottle of “Dream N Grow”. It has given me the opportunity to fall asleep and stay asleep once again. This is a must have when on a hard push with your training, when recovery is a must. If you are focused on eating, sleeping and training, this is for you. Thank you IML for getting me through difficult times.

  15. rlm1951 (verified owner)

    Great product. The older I got, the harder it was to fall asleep. I’m very thankful I found this product.

  16. Denyse Fitzgerald (verified owner)

    Love this product! I was skeptical to say the least as i had tried everything under the sun to help me sleep. From the very first night using Dream n Grow I have been falling asleep quickly and staying asleep through the night.
    There are no hang over effects in the morning. Just wake up feeling rested and refreshed.
    I will never be without this product. Thank you!

  17. Yaroslav (verified owner)

    This is a powerful sleep aid and serotonin booster. It makes me super sleepy within 30 minutes, and doesn’t put me in a hypnotic state like pure melatonin does. My only wish would be to make it available in smaller dose pills. It’s pretty potent. Do not take with other serotonin boosters, like tryptophan or SSRIs!

  18. matthewh0 (verified owner)

    Fantastic for sleep. I finally feel like there is hope to break free from the clutches of sleep meds. Only slight grogginess in morning if I do not get at least 6 hours. But that is a minor tradeoff for the high quality sleep, and non-addictive nature of Steam n Grow. I will always have this in my cart.

  19. Matt Tyler (verified owner)

    This product really helps me relax to fall asleep. It gives you an amazing relaxed feeling! 10/10

  20. Milo Vision Krav (verified owner)

    I’m super excited about this one.
    Sleep has finally arrived 🙂
    From day to day, we all have certain things that consume us or at times stress us, and for me particularly from the moment I wake up I’m instantly thinking “will I be able to get sleep tonight”?
    This is literally one of the first things I think about when starting my day believe it or not.. If I do not get a full night of rest, with an adequate amount of sleep, I’m ruined, literally my day is ruined, mentally, physically and spiritually..

    This product right here has been an absolute blessing, having using it off and on throughout the years, I couldn’t get my hands on this stuff quick enough once again.
    We will never have perfect sleep, however we can get into patterns where we develop healthy patterns of sleep that may last several days, several weeks or several months, then occasionally we have disturbances. Due to some life stressors I had some sleep disturbances.
    But… I have nothing to stress now 🙂

    This is not one of those products that you just take when you can’t sleep, and you just spitball it on occasions.
    With all of the compounds that are in here, they need to be in you each and every single day. There is a plethora of compounds, but a small example would be 5 HTP, melatonin and gaba. Just an example of these three of the many, taking these daily each and every single night helps improve your natural rhythms and releases. For people who just spitball it and take melatonin on occasions end up feeling worse, when in fact it takes several weeks of continuous usage for this to work properly and effectively.
    Listen, our neuro secretions are far more complex than you can possibly imagine.
    In order to reset sleep, or any secretions for that matter it needs time.

    With the compound like this, even when you begin to start feeling better, a bit more normal, you do not want to stop your dosage, or skip a dosage.
    You need to continuously stay on the dosage and stay the course..

    You will feel this right away, but you’ll feel it even more weeks in.
    Your rest and recovery will be next level.
    Don’t take my word for it, research it for yourself where it is highly advised and not suggested to take such sleep aids randomly, spitballing it, taking on occasions, you will see more data, and scientific studies stating that they work at their very best when taking continuously.
    And of course eventually slowly coming off.. ?

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