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Ultra Male


Testosterone Support Formula†

✔️ Powered by Prolensis® (Bulbine Natalensis)
✔️ Supports Natural Testosterone Levels†
✔️ Supports Estrogen Balance†
✔️ Healthy Libido and Sex Drive†
✔️ General Health, Energy, and Vitality†

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Ultra Male


Beginning at age 30 men experience a gradual and consistent decline in testosterone production. Declining testosterone levels means it’s harder to build muscle and a whole lot easier to gain fat. Until now the aging male faced two choices, neither ideal – suffer the incessant drop in testosterone or embrace testosterone replacement therapy. Ultra Male supports optimal testosterone production without resorting to chemicals, pharmaceuticals, patches or injections. Ultra Male is a revolutionary, all-natural testosterone booster any man can use to promote health, vigor, and vitality. It’s the daily staple all men over 30 need to help boost testosterone production and bring out the alpha male.†


(per capsule)

  • Prolensis® (Bulbine Natalensis PE 10:1 Extract) – 200mg
  • Fenusol® (Fenugreek Seed Extract) – 200mg
  • Urtica Dioica (Stinging Nettle PE 10:1 Extract) – 125mg
  • Maca Root (PE 20:1 Extract) – 125mg
  • Bioperine® – 10mg

Clinical Research Studies

Anabolic and androgenic activities of Bulbine Natalensis stem in male Wistar rats

To evaluate the efficacy and safety of the glycoside fraction of fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) seeds (Fenu-FG) on physiological parameters related to muscle anabolism, androgenic hormones, and body fat in healthy male subjects during an 8-week resistance training program using a prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled design.

Fenu-FG supplementation demonstrated significant anabolic and androgenic activity as compared with the placebo. Fenu-FG treated subjects showed significant improvements in body fat without a reduction in muscle strength or repetitions to failure. The Fenu-FG supplementation was found to be safe and well-tolerated.

Fenu-FG supplementation showed beneficial effects in male subjects during resistance training without any clinical side effects.

Effect of aqueous extract of Bulbine Natalensis stem on the sexual behaviour of male rats

The phytochemical constituents of aqueous extract of Bulbine natalensis (Baker) stem and its effect on male rat sexual behaviour were evaluated for 7 days. Phytochemical screening revealed the presence of saponins, cardiac glycoside, tannins, alkaloids and anthraquinones. Administration of the extract at the doses of 25 and 50 mg/kg body weight resulted in the significant increase (p < 0.05) in mount frequency, intromission frequency, ejaculatory latency, ejaculation frequency, serum testosterone and luteinizing hormone concentrations, computed indices of sexual behaviour, erection, quick flips, long flips and total penile reflexes whereas the mount latency, intromission latency and post-ejaculatory interval were significantly decreased (p < 0.05) throughout the experimental period. The 100 mg/kg body weight of the extract produced contrasting pattern to the lower doses of the extract in all the parameters of sexual behaviour monitored throughout the experimental period. The results are indicative of prosexual stimulatory potentials of Bulbine natalensis in male rats. The aqueous extract of Bulbine natalensis stem at these doses (25 and 50 mg/kg body weight) may be used in the management of disorders of desire/libido, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction in males.

Sports Nutrition Research, purveyors of the testosterone-boosting compound ProLensis™, has announced that a human safety study using the extract is to be published. Bulbine natalensis is a plant indigenous to Africa, traditionally used as an aphrodisiac and tonic in tribesmen. ProLensis™ is a well-studied specific extract of bulbine natalensis, with several animal model studies demonstrating the benefit for controlling the hormones testosterone and estrogen – both hormones involved in body augmentation. These findings have since been reproduced in unpublished human studies, and today ProLensis™ features in some of the most popular testosterone-boosting dietary supplements available.

The human safety study, performed by The Center for Applied Health Sciences (CAHS) in Stow, Ohio, was a placebo-controlled, double-blind twenty-eight day trial involving thirty-six healthy adults. The values investigated by the researchers were clinical labs including renal, hepatic and haematological biomarkers. Also monitored were physical parameters, including heart rate, blood pressure and EKG. At the conclusion of the trial, ProLensis™ was found to be as safe as a maltodextrin placebo. This is an important finding for ProLensis™ as it provides the first peer-reviewed documentation of safety in humans.

Beneficial effects of Fenugreek glycoside supplementation in male subjects during resistance training: A randomized controlled pilot study

To evaluate the efficacy and safety of the glycoside fraction of fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) seeds (Fenu-FG) on physiological parameters related to muscle anabolism, androgenic hormones, and body fat in healthy male subjects during an 8-week resistance training program using a prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled design.

Fenu-FG supplementation showed beneficial effects in male subjects during resistance training without any clinical side effects.

The Efficacy of Fenugreek Supplementation on Men’s Health

The problem: There is limited research on the use of herbal supplements in general, and fenugreek specifically, to improve male health, particularly to increase testosterone levels. As well, no located studies have examined the effects of fenugreek supplementation on healthy men’s health-related quality of life, anxiety levels, and body composition.

Relevant research examined the effects of fenugreek supplementation with healthy men aged between 43 and 70 years of age. The researchers found that both total serum testosterone and free testosterone increased compared to placebo after 12 weeks of active treatment. The researchers concluded that fenugreek supplementation was a safe and effective treatment for reducing symptoms of possible androgen deficiency, improves sexual function and increases serum testosterone in healthy middle-aged to older men. Another study found that fenugreek supplementation improved aging male symptoms and testosterone levels remained in a normal range in healthy men aged 25 to 45 years.

The importance of this study: The importance of this study is to help determine if fenugreek supplementation affects testosterone levels, body composition, health-related quality of life, anxiety, and aging symptoms in healthy men aged 21 – 45 years.

Urtica Dioica spp.: Ordinary Plants with Extraordinary Properties

Nettles (genus Urtica, family Urticaceae) are of considerable interest as preservatives in foods for both human and animal consumption. They have also been used for centuries in traditional medicine. This paper reviews the properties of nettles that make them suitable for wider applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Nettles contain a significant number of biologically-active compounds. For example, the leaves are rich sources of terpenoids, carotenoids and fatty acids, as well as of various essential amino acids, chlorophyll, vitamins, tannins, carbohydrates, sterols, polysaccharides, isolectins and minerals. Extracts from the aerial parts of nettles are rich sources of polyphenols, while the roots contain oleanol acid, sterols and steryl glycosides. Due to the variety of phytochemicals and their proportions they contain, nettles show noticeable activity against both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. These properties make nettles suitable for a range of possible applications, including functional food, dietary supplements and pharmacological formulations. Despite these benefits, the nettle is still an underestimated plant source. This paper provides a unique overview of the latest research on nettle plants focusing on the possibilities for transforming a common weed into a commercial plant with a wide range of applications. Special attention is paid to the antimicrobial activity of the active compounds in nettles and to possible uses of these valuable plants in food and feed formulations.

Screening of pharmacological uses of Urtica Dioica and others benefits

Natural products, whether pure compounds or standardized plant extracts, offer unlimited opportunities for other drug sources due to the unequaled availability of chemical diversity. Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica) is a unique herbaceous perennial flowering plant with stinging hairs. The leaf extract of nettle was one of the herbal remedies which the experimental, clinical and trials have complemented each other. It is a very well-known plant with a wide historical background use of stems, leaves and roots. It has a long history of use as power sources such as soup or curry, and also used as fiber and a medicinal plant. Urtica dioica has traditionally been used in the control of cardiovascular disorders especially hypertension. The leaf extract of Urtica dioica has been reported to improve glucose homeostasis in vivo. Nettle root could prevent some of the effects of prostatic hyperplasia. Extracts of nettle leaf are used as anti-inflammatory remedies for rheumatoid arthritis. Urtica dioica extract significantly increased the sensitivity of breast cancer cells to paclitaxel. This article aims to review the very wide ranging of pharmacological effects of Urtica dioica extract.

The nettle is actually a plant with many qualities and uses. The interest in it is deserved and it is given by other studies and investigations.

A double-blind, randomized, pilot dose-finding study of Maca Root for the management of SSRI-induced sexual dysfunction

We sought to determine whether maca, a Peruvian plant, is effective for selective-serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI)-induced sexual dysfunction. We conducted a double-blind, randomized, parallel group dose-finding pilot study comparing a low-dose (1.5 g/day) to a high-dose (3.0 g/day) maca regimen in 20 remitted depressed outpatients (mean age 36+/-13 years; 17 women) with SSRI-induced sexual dysfunction. The Arizona Sexual Experience Scale (ASEX) and the Massachusetts General Hospital Sexual Function Questionnaire (MGH-SFQ) were used to measure sexual dysfunction. Ten subjects completed the study, and 16 subjects (9 on 3.0 g/day; 7 on 1.5 g/day) were eligible for intent-to-treat (ITT) analyses on the basis of having had at least one postbaseline visit. ITT subjects on 3.0 g/day maca had a significant improvement in ASEX (from 22.8+/-3.8 to 16.9+/-6.2; z=-2.20, P=0.028) and in MGH-SFQ scores (from 24.1+/-1.9 to 17.0+/-5.7; z=-2.39, P=0.017), but subjects on 1.5 g/day maca did not. Libido improved significantly (P<0.05) for the ITT and completer groups based on ASEX item #1, but not by dosing groups. Maca was well tolerated. Maca root may alleviate SSRI-induced sexual dysfunction, and there may be a dose-related effect. Maca may also have a beneficial effect on libido.

Suggested Use

As a dietary supplement take one (1) or two (2) capsules daily with food. Do not exceed two (2) capsules in any 24 hour time period and do not use for more that 12 weeks.

Weight 4 oz

7 reviews for Ultra Male

  1. DAVID JONES (verified owner)

    Love this product. Ive used it numerous times as a standalone pct to bounce back quickly. It works everytime. 2 pills is strong. I usually tapered down to 1. Would also definitely recommend as a standalone test booster.

  2. Jeremy Ross (verified owner)

    I use this product as part of my post cycle therapy and I can definitely say it gets my sex drive back to normal!

  3. Ted Waggoner

    This is well worth trying and in my opinion a tried and true IML product. I always see great results with Ultra Male in and out of the gym. My lady loves the results too!

  4. Roger Anthony (verified owner)

    Utilized post gear cream. Feel great, no heavy drop off like most times. will incorporate always when not running gear.

  5. m.shovel-2058

    All of the IronMag Labs products I have tried have worked very well, no ill affects or problems when on the off cycle. Best test booster and cycle support products available without a doctor or needles, and a must for anyone serious about healthy gains!

  6. ordawg1

    Use this for my TRT and helps balance my levels and control my estrogen – another great IML product ~

  7. Andrew Calvert (verified owner)

    Worked great as a pct, I would definitely recommend this product

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