by John Connor

Advanced Cycle Support Rx by IronMagLabs is an outstanding product for those who want organ protection while on or off cycle. I’m a long time user of anabolic steroids and now that I’m in my forties I’m very concerned about mitigating the side effects from my steroid use as well as overall health off cycle. The various antioxidants in ACS offer organ protection in easy to use capsules. Over the years I have used all kinds of supplements to protect my liver, heart and cardiovascular system and I am convinced ACS is the best combination available today. Instead of taking 7-10 different pills every day I can just take 2 caps of ACS and be done with it. Not only is this more convenient than stocking over half a dozen different supplements but its way less expensive using an all in one supplement like Advanced Cycle Support.

Typically my blood pressure is a bit high as well as my liver enzymes however when I went to the doctor recently my blood pressure was completely normal. This is the first time in years it has measured in the normal range. When I look at the ingredients in ACS its no wonder, several of them have been proven to lower blood pressure. My liver enzymes have also reduced on ACS.

This product works well and is inexpensive. I highly recommend Advanced Cycle Support not only for steroid users but for anyone concerned with organ and cardiovascular health.

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