Day: March 3, 2013

Looking at 4-Andro Rx, by IronMagLabs


by Mike Arnold

4-Andro rx, also known as 4-DHEA, is a PH to the grand-daddy of all steroids…Testosterone. With an abundance of information available on this essential hormone, I have decided to focus less on the physiological effects of Testosterone itself and instead, have chosen to illuminate the reader on the various potential applications of this legal testosterone elevating agent. In doing so, some may pose the question “why not just use injectable testosterone instead?” Not one to shy away from the tough questions, I will say right up front that when compared directly to testosterone, 4-Andro has its limitations. This is inevitable for a testosterone PH, as all prohormones are limited by their conversion rates to the target hormone. At this stage in the game, no one has yet been able to create a PH which is able to convert to Testosterone in quantities approaching what the typical BB’r might inject. So, for those individuals who have no objection to the use of CIII drugs, by all means, go ahead and use injectable Testosterone; it is the superior choice. However, there is a substantial portion of the population which is opposed to this practice and it is to them that this article is primarily addressed.
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