Day: December 2, 2015

7-Keto DHEA in Review


by Mike Arnold

One of the lesser mentioned, although more interesting compounds to make its way into the bodybuilding community since the turn of the millennium is 7-Keto DHEA. Primarily marketed as a fat loss drug, its initial release was accompanied by a good deal of fanfare, but after the first few years of sales its popularity just kind of trickled off. These days, not much is said about it other than perhaps in passing. Given the dominance of stimulants in the fat loss arena, this isn’t really surprising. Trends show that most customers tend to prefer products they can feel, as it gives them the impression they are working. Although not necessarily a reliable indicator of efficacy, stimulant-based fat burners certainly fit this criteria, providing intense nervous system stimulation that is perceivable to everyone that uses them. While stimulants are generally effective, they certainly aren’t the only category of fat loss products capable of yielding positive results. More importantly, stimulants possess some undesirable characteristics which make chronic use undesirable.
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