Day: January 2, 2018

Loss of Trust in the Food Industry

by Matt Weik

If you’re reading this article, you’re either already eating a healthy well-balanced diet, or you are putting the wheels in motion to make the change and are learning everything you can. Either way, I’m sure you feel like you have been lied to a time or two (or ten) from the food industry. You go to the grocery store and you pick up and item you believe to be healthy because the packaging tells you so, just to get home and look at the nutrition panel and find out it’s all a bunch of lies. We’ve all been there. Because of this, 90% of consumers surveyed have felt lied to and betrayed from brands and expect the food industry to be truthful and provide them with healthy food options. Only 9% of the people surveyed across the globe felt that these companies had no responsibility when it comes to the health of the consumers (that 9% is probably made up of people in the food industry or those eating Twinkies every day who don’t care about their health).
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