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May 9, 2018

Complacency Kills: Get Your Mind Right

  • 6 min read

by Matt Weik

For the sake of this article, we will be referring to your overall health and fitness results—but this topic can transition over to just about any aspect of your life from your job, business, personal life, home life, etc. The topic at hand is complacency and what it means to your success when it comes to health and fitness. It’s a shame that we even need to talk about this, but unfortunately, all of us see complacency around us on a daily basis—some cases it might be the man in the mirror.

You Can Drink, Swallow and Eat Supplements – But Now You Can Spray Them?

  • 5 min read

by Matt Weik

Convenience will always be a deciding factor in if someone will use a supplement or not. We are used to eating bars, drinking shakes, and swallowing pills. However, now a new delivery method is coming to market and it is in the form of an oral supplement spray. Will this new trend catch on or will it go down in history as one of the biggest fails in the supplement space?