Day: October 15, 2018

10 Non-Exercise Related Reasons Why Your Cut is Failing

by Matt Weik

It’s common for people to “bulk” in an effort to add some quality lean muscle mass to their frame. What generally tends to happen due to a surplus in calories to allow for muscle growth, a little body fat tends to be added as well. When it’s time to start your cut, many fail to see the results they desire. In an effort to keep you from getting frustrated, I’ve compiled 10 reasons why your cut is failing. Make these changes and you’ll see the results you desire.
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Booze, Partying, & Fitness

by Christian Duque

There are two worlds – the world we want to live in and the world we do live in. Bodybuilders often times like to portray themselves as leading strict lifestyles, with disciplined meals, training, and rest. If we were to believe everything we were allowed to see and everything we were given to read, we’d surmise that most bodybuilders live like monks, but that’s simply not in line with reality. Bodybuilders love to party, some more than others. In the 90’s in particular, we all heard the stories, but that’s not a forgone era. Bodybuilders still go out clubbing, still like to drink, and many like to get trashed. I’m not going to say this is an every night type of thing or that it happens rarely, because each person is different, but most people opt for the effects of alcohol with the least hindrance to their physiques. Some drink for good times, others drink for a release, others drink because they have no choice in the matter.
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