Day: December 21, 2018

Will Neil Hill Make Big Ramy, Mr. Olympia?

by Christian Duque

The bodybuilding world has been waiting a long time. Each and every year fans grow frantic, wondering if this will be the year that The Egyptian Phenom, the one simply known as “Big Ramy,” arrives in Las Vegas, larger than life, peeled to the bone, ready to take the Mr. Olympia. Ramy is a very good bodybuilder, he’s worked with all the big names, from Dennis James to Bader Boodai, but the question remains, why hasn’t he won the Sandow yet? In 2017, he placed a commanding runner-up and the bodybuilding world was in a total frenzy. When I saw him earlier this year in Pittsburgh, people couldn’t stop marveling out how huge he was – and mind you – 7x Mr. Olympia, Phil “The Gift” Heath was at this contest too. That didn’t matter, because even with his seven straight wins, all the attention remained on Ramy. This was always a point of contention for the champ. If he had seven Sandows, why was the attention on the big man?
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