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5 Supplement Accessories for Bodybuilders

  • 6 min read

by Matt Weik

For the most part, bodybuilders are simple human beings. They eat, sleep, and train. However, it’s nice to splurge every once in a while, in order to help keep you on track and enjoy your passion—all while making life just a little bit easier. So, for that reason, I’ve composed a list of some of the top five supplement accessories for bodybuilders to keep you on track year-round.

1. Blender Bottle

If you don’t have some type of shaker bottle, such as a Blender Bottle, then there’s no way I believe you when you say you’re a bodybuilder. I’m pretty sure that 99.99% of bodybuilders have a shaker bottle (any brand, any size, any color). Sure, you may have some people who just drink right from the blender or put their liquid and powder in a cup and stir it with a spoon, but majority find it much easier to use a shaker bottle.

Not only does something like a Blender Bottle mix up your protein shakes, but many people also use them to keep track of their water intake throughout the day as well. In addition, shaker bottles are extremely easy to take with you and travel with.

2. Fill N Go Supplement Funnel

Personally, I love these things. You don’t need a special name brand like mentioned here, as any will do. The concept is you have a funnel that you can pour your powder through in order to get it into a shaker bottle or water bottle without spilling the powder all over the place. That being said, they also put a cap on the top (large opening side) and bottom (small opening side). What this does is allows you to put your powdered supplement into the funnel (make sure the bottom has the cap on) and then screw the lid on the top to keep it contained. You can then toss it in your gym bag or briefcase and take it anywhere you wish without making a potential mess in your bag.

Then when you need to use the product, you simply unscrew the bottom cap and pour the contents direction into the bottle or shaker. It makes taking supplements with you extremely easy and convenient. No longer do you need to take the entire container of protein or pre-workout with you just to have one scoop throughout the day. Now, you scoop it in the funnel, screw on the lid, and you’re good to go.

3. ScoopMate

You’re going to have gimmicky products that are dumb, and then you’re going to have gimmicky products that make sense. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve opened up my supplement lid and wondered where the heck the scoop went. I then dig around trying to find it and end up with powder all over the place—on my hands, on the table or desk, on the floor. It’s a pain.

This product simply uses magnets and a plastic holder. You put the small piece of the magnet on the top of the lid, and the larger piece that has the plastic holder on the underside of the lid. The magnets keep the product from moving around. From there, the plastic holder is universally shaped so that it can accommodate a wide range of scoop handle sizes. All you do is slide the scoop handle into the plastic holder and that’s all there is to it. Now every time you unscrew your powdered supplement, your scoop is right there under and connected to the lid. No digging or searching needed.

4. Pill Organizer

Multivitamins, creatine, BCAAs, fish oil, cinnamon, curcumin, prescription drugs, you name it. Having a pill organizer makes things a whole heck of a lot easier when you are on the go than carrying around multiple bottles of your supplements or medications. Many brands have a screw on top or a pop top. Whichever you choose will work just fine.

But, being able to separate your supplements in a fashion that makes it easy to know what you need to take and when, can free up your mind to focus on more important things, like your workout and your job. Some pill organizers come separated as days of the week—this is convenient if you travel a lot. Others simply have dividers in them that you can either put specific pills in or use it as a place to put all the pills you need to take at one time. The way you want to organize your pills is completely up to you and personal.

5. Six Pack Bag

While not exactly only for supplements, if you want a place to store all of your essentials, including your meals, grab yourself a 6 Pack Bag. These things are great for keeping your meals cool until you are ready to eat them. From personal experience, I did a lot of traveling when I worked for MET-Rx. I used a 6 Pack Bag to store my meals when leaving the hotel each morning. All I needed to do was unzip the front, grab whichever container with food I wanted to consume, zip it back up, and eat. Very simple, yet extremely thought out.

You can store your supplements in the bag (pills and powders), your shaker bottle, utensils, water, protein bars, whatever you want or could think of. They come with little ice packs to keep your food nice and cool throughout the day and each bag has a handle or strap that you can use to carry it around. It easily fits behind a seat in your car, allowing you to use the seat area for either work related materials, or even to have someone sit in while your bag is between their feet.