Day: October 8, 2020


by Christian Duque

This is a very interesting question, indeed, especially with the unexpected passing of our good friend Ric Drasin. One of the things that Ric always said on his videos was that Muscle Beach was a scene that could never be recreated again. Back in those days, life was simple. Guys woke up, they trained, maybe ran on the beach and ate. They ate a high protein, high fat, and nearly carbfree meals. Oftentimes, they’d go to the Germans or different burger joints. They’d have beef patties, eggs, and sometimes cheese. Rarely would you see a tomato slice or any carbs on their plate. They’d wake up go train, have a protein drink, maybe head over to the marina, grab a meal, then lay out on the beach and tan. Sometimes, they’d run on the beach for some exercise, but it wasn’t so much for doing cardio, it was just fun.
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