Day: November 13, 2020


by Christian Duque

If one thing could be said about the fitness industry, it’s that they have consistently ignored the winningest pro in the history of the sport. 2008 Mr. Olympia and 9x Arnold Classic Champion Dexter “The Blade” Jackson has never gotten much love for the bodybuilding press. No matter how sharp his physique looks or how many titles he has to his name, writers and commentators simply overlook him. Take Jay Cutler’s recent handicapping of the 2020 Olympia. While Cutler did mention Dex, he only did so in passing. That’s kind of the norm when it comes to this decorated veteran of the stage. No one wants to count him out because everyone knows when he brings it and when he’s at his best, there’s no one he can’t beat. At the same time, no one really gets behind him, either!
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