Day: March 28, 2021


by Christian Duque

I’m sure when Nick reads this article, he won’t be happy. I just hope he doesn’t block me on Instagram. Oh wait, he’s already done that. I’m not 100% sure why, but I’m a journalist in the fitness industry and he’s the most popular Youtuber. Anytime a content creator releases content, they should be ready, not just for the accolades, but for the criticisms – constructive or otherwise – as well. Nick, like his mentor/predecessor Luimarco, doesn’t take well to any blowback. A couple years ago, I tried to be the bigger person, and tried to mend fences when our mutual friend Hector Mendoza of Muscular Development, introduced us to each other at the Mr. Olympia. We shook hands, chit chatted a bit, and everything seemed cool. Well, that didn’t last long. A few months later, I noticed I was blocked again. Oh well, that’s an aside for the world, but I felt it necessary to include.
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