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by Matt Weik

You get home from a long day at work, you’re stressed, exhausted, and don’t want to think about what to make for dinner. So instead, you eat something unhealthy out of convenience. Does that scenario sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone. Little did you realize that there are reasonably priced meal prep companies out there like Chicken Pound who can help ensure you eat something healthy at every meal. No excuses!

Meal Prep Companies Like Chicken Pound is Just ONE Example

Today, there is no shortage of meal prep companies out there trying to get your attention and business. Why do you keep brushing them off and slaving over the stove or grill to prepare your meals?

Actually, I know what many of you are going to say… “They aren’t cost-effective,” I beg to differ. Let me ask you this… What is your time worth? Seriously, think about it. How long does it take you to go to the grocery store, buy all of your groceries, prep a meal, make it, put the leftovers in a container, and then clean everything up? I don’t know the answer to your specific situation, but I’m willing to bet it takes much longer than you initially thought when you add everything up.

What if there was a solution to allow you to get some of your time back? After all, time is something you can’t make more of unless you find ways to reduce the things that take it up. Am I right? That’s where meal prep companies like Chicken Pound come into play.

Wouldn’t it be easier to place an order online and have meals show up at your doorstep (or at least part of your meal)? If you’re a competitor, you already have enough on your plate (pun intended) between your career and workouts to need to worry about fitting in meal prep on your own.

You have the convenience of buying fully prepared meals from some meal prep companies or merely ordering the prepared protein sources to alleviate some of the work needed to prepare your meals. The full meals would clearly be the easiest way to go (at a greater expense), but by ordering just the protein sources, you can mix and match your carbohydrates however you want based on what sounds good on a given day or what your meal plan calls for. It also makes things incredibly easy if you like to track your calories and macros with something like MyFitnessPal.

I’m using Chicken Pound in this example because I’ve used them in the past to simplify my meals, I have experience with them, and I want people to understand just how simple and convenient meal prep companies really are – and why they don’t break the bank.

Chicken Pound has different options of grilled chicken that you can decide on. For instance, they sell their already prepared chicken in five-pound increments, ten-pound increments, or twenty-pound increments. The pricing is $11.95 per pound, $10.95 per pound, and $9.95 per pound, respectively. Those numbers could throw you off a little, and you may think they are high. However, again, think about how much your time and effort are worth, as well as the convenience of being able to prepare a meal in next to no time at all by eliminating the need to cut up the chicken, remove any fat, and then grill it up (not to mention grilling isn’t really an option for those living up north due to the cold and wintery months).

A Good Nutrition Plan is the Hardest Thing for People to Implement

You might have read the above and thought to yourself, “I’m not a competitor, and I don’t even exercise” (which would be odd that you’re even reading this article, but let’s keep going). Why would you even want to consider meal prep companies? It’s easy… Because your nutrition probably sucks, and if you look in the mirror, you probably aren’t happy with what you see. Welcome to the way more than half of Americans feel.

It’s hard enough for fitness enthusiasts to follow a good nutrition plan. Expecting those who aren’t in the industry to follow it is even harder to believe. That’s where these meal prep companies come into play. Some people have no idea where to even start. With meal prep companies, they can help take all of the guesswork out of your meals, and some can even set you up on a plan where they can supply you with all of the meals you need each day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

If you’re serious about eating healthier meals and cleaning up your nutrition, these meal prep companies are 100% the way to go. Some of you may be thinking you’ll get bored quite quickly of just eating grilled chicken (going back to the Chicken Pound example). And typically, you’d be absolutely correct. But these meal prep companies go above and beyond to supply you with healthy meal solutions that not only taste delicious but come in a variety of choices and options.

For instance, looking at the offerings at Chicken Pound, their available grilled chicken flavors are balsamic, cilantro lime, barbecue, plain, lemon herb, jerk flavored, teriyaki, buffalo, and Kansas City barbecue. There are flavors there for everyone, and with that much variety, it will be hard to get bored.

With something as simplistic as already having your protein prepared (you just simply heat it up), all you need to do is prepare any carbs or fats you want to include with your meals. For instance, you can prepare rice, steamed broccoli, or sweet potatoes in bulk for the week or simply take the protein source of your choice from any of the meal prep companies and throw it over mixed greens to make a healthy salad in no time.

Here’s a personal example for you as I’m not the best in the kitchen (just ask my wife). But for quick lunches, I would take whatever flavor of Chicken Pound I felt like for the day, make myself a bag of the 60-second rice (which would usually last me two meals), mix them together, and I’d have a healthy meal ready to eat in less than three minutes.

With meal prep companies, the value is well worth it when you factor everything in from the time-saving standpoint and the fact that you have no excuse as to why you can’t have a healthy meal.

Have you tried any meal prep companies in the past? If so, let us know down in the comments which were your favorites to use and what meals you enjoyed from them to introduce some potentially new meal prep companies for everyone to consider.