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by Matt Weik

Last week, I wrote an article that talked about Phil Heath being on the PBD Podcast. For those who didn’t read that article… shame on you. But all jokes aside, Phil has been a guest on the Valuetainment production that you can find on YouTube for several weeks now, and in my opinion, he is an excellent co-host to the show’s main host, Patrick Bet-David.

After that article was published, I got a bunch of messages from people who started watching the Valuetainment YouTube channel, along with the PBD Podcast, and appreciated me talking about it as they now found a new way to catch up with the news where things aren’t so biased like in the mainstream media is today.

All of this got me thinking about what’s missing from the show. They have a segment on economics, one on everyday topics and world news, Patrick has episodes where he interviews celebrities and key people across the globe, he has Adam “SOS” doing a show about money, a Biz Doc segment that breaks down the financials and success/failure of major companies, you get the idea. But there’s one show that is missing that EVERYONE should be tuned into — a show on health.

A PBD Podcast Health Segment… What Are You Waiting For?

I’ll preface this by saying there are only two reasons I feel Patrick Bet-David has not created a health segment for his PBD Podcast. The first reason is that he doesn’t have the right person in place to host the segment. I don’t buy that reason as Phil Heath is on his show nearly every day here of late. My second theory is that he may be worried that talking about health and fitness may open him up to potential lawsuits for “giving health and nutrition advice.” I’m not sure if that could be his reason.

There’s actually a third reason, but it would be the worst reason of them all, and that’s believing that no one would listen to it. Here’s why I think there’s no way that’s a valid reason.

Look at the state of America these days. People are getting sick. The percentage of American adults who are overweight is over 60%. The percentage of those same people being obese is over 40%. What are we doing? We’re killing ourselves and creating an abundance of disease because we can’t put the fork down and start moving more and being more active. We’re doing it to ourselves. We don’t need a pandemic to kill Americans, we’re willfully raising our hand to be the next casualty.

PBD is a smart man, he’s into fitness and bodybuilding, so why isn’t there a health segment? Every American needs to focus on their health, and his viewership is made up of a bunch of business owners and entrepreneurs. What better demographic than the one you already have? Every single business owner needs to pay just as much attention to their health as they do their business.

When business owners burn the candle from both ends, they burn out, and their body shuts down because they’ve merely suffered enough from pure exhaustion. Patrick knows about this all too well as he will push and push and push until he’s admitted to the hospital, where the doctors tell him that he needs to slow down, he’s pushing too hard. Of all the people, Patrick should be the voice of health for business owners and entrepreneurs. But there’s no segment.

Think about how many people PBD could help if he simply made a health segment for Valuetainment and the PBD Podcast. Business owners and entrepreneurs need to know and understand how to improve their health. If they get sick, their business may suffer. Even worse, if they die, will their business die as well? What happens to all the employees? What happens to all the hard work that has been put into it? Was it all for nothing?

PBD, come on, man. You’re missing the boat here. You have enough connections that you can pick up the phone and get any guest you want on the podcast or on Valuetainment. You could bring in fit business owners who everyone knows and sit down with them to talk health. What do they do? How do they stay in shape and fit in their workouts? What do they eat throughout the day? How has living a healthy life affected their business and success? Trust me, I have so many ideas for you that I could run the whole thing for you, and we’d never run out of topics.

Don’t you think people need to know the truth about how their poor health and body fat are affecting their business? Here are two articles that prove my point:

1. How My Weight is Hurting My Business (Forbes)
2. Why Entrepreneurs Gain Weight: 3 Reasons (Inc.)

These examples are only a couple of the vast number of articles out there on the topic. There is a real issue out there that can be solved, and it starts with those who we consider to be “successful.” How many times have we seen the fat guy with the supermodel wife and thought, “That guy must have money, or he’s hung like a horse.” More than likely, it’s not the latter. It’s probably the money, and all that money is going to go to his gold-digger wife when he dies in a few years.

This is a major issue that if the right program or platform would pick up, it could explode.

Would You Listen to a Health Segment on the PBD Podcast?

Many of you have told me you started listening/watching the content that Patrick Bet-David puts out. You clearly see that PBD puts out information that is backed by facts and isn’t a bunch of BS. Would a health segment be something you’d watch? If so, blow up his social media and tell him, “Matt Weik said you need a health segment, and I agree with him.”