Day: February 2, 2022

Stop Using Shawn Rhoden For Hits!

by Christian Duque

Over the course of the last couple weeks a flurry of videos have made their way onto YouTube, all parroting the information released on a recent Stanimal interview with Generation Iron. While I don’t fault the network for speaking with Shawn Rhoden’s longtime friend, training partner, and roommate, I don’t know that much information was discovered. We all knew, or suspected, that Shawn passed as a result of a heart attack. It’s become well known that Flexatron had suffered a heart attack before the one which he succumbed to, and it was also well known that the family had declined doing an autopsy. Read more

Shut Up NSP – George Petersen Autopsy Coverage

by Christian Duque

I have said it so many times, that what’s one more time, right? You guys know me, I don’t like writing articles about death. I will, of course, cover the passing of great athletes in our sport, out of respect. Beyond that, I’m not the type of writer to recycle stories and milk tragedies to get hits. I don’t get down like that, nor does Iron Magazine. This article, however, speaks to the abysmally poor quality of bodybuilding “journalism,” today.
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