Day: December 29, 2022

Collagen Gummies Are Becoming the New Supplement Trend?

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Hany Rambod Power Guru

by Christian Duque

Hany Rambod is currently one of the most important people in the sport of bodybuilding. His influence runs through a variety of channels. For starters, he’s the owner of Evogen Nutrition, one of the most popular and recognizable companies in the business. He also has superstar credentials in working with the likes of Jay Cutler and Phil Heath; however, he’s not living off his past. In fact, Rambod is more in demand now than he’s ever been and that’s because of the top talent in his camp. Not only has he made many great competitors but he’s been hired by guys who have reached close to the top but need that little extra push. And it’s not that little when you think about it.
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