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Fitness YouTubers “Fight” for Views: A Sad Reality Today

  • 6 min read

by Matt Weik, BS, CSCS, CPT, CSN

I remember back when fitness YouTubers actually made content that helped people. Unfortunately, it seems like that train has left the station. Now, they whine and complain like a bunch of little kids in elementary school about why so-and-so doesn’t want to be friends with them anymore.

The fitness YouTuber world has either gone soft, or these people are so low on content that they need to air their dirty laundry for the world to see for the views. It’s quite embarrassing to witness.

Now, I’m not going to name any names in this article, if you follow some of the big fitness YouTubers out there, you know exactly who these individuals are, so go ahead and read between the lines or find Waldo. But I want this article to be a wake-up call to all the other fitness YouTubers out there that they need to do better.

What’s Going on With Fitness YouTubers These Days?

Again, without naming names, I follow a bunch of fitness YouTubers because they (used to) put out good content. Content that was helpful and informative. Anyone could watch their videos and learn how to eat better, train harder, recover faster, and achieve their goals. But those days are long gone.

Now, we scroll through the feed on YouTube and see nothing but videos of fitness YouTubers fighting one another. Why? Are they that sensitive and have such thin skin that they need to make a video venting? Sounds like they need a safe space where they can go and cry if you ask me. Maybe they need their childhood blankie or a pacifier?

But wait, things get even worse. As if it’s not bad enough that these individuals are fighting back and forth publicly on YouTube, but now there are other channels chiming in for the views. Honestly, do better people. It’s sad that you need to piggyback off of some childish fight on the internet just so that you can make your ad revenue.

I used to respect many of these fitness YouTubers that I’m talking about in this article. They are such brilliant individuals that I was engaged just watching their content to see if I could grab any little nugget that may change the way I eat, train, or principles that I can utilize and try on my own clients.

You might be saying, “But Matt, you’re making an article about the topic and are basically doing the same thing they are.” I totally get it. And I’m not here to air their grievances and take sides. My take on this whole situation is that fitness YouTubers need to grow up.

Many of these guys are older than me, and as scary as it sounds, here I am, being the mature voice of reason. There’s no reason to be doing this and acting the way you are online. Who are you trying to help? Yourself? If that’s the case, call the person up and hash things out offline. You don’t need to drag someone through the mud just to make yourself feel better or seem like the “good guy” online in front of a bunch of viewers you’ve never met. Because trust me, all parties involved have probably done some stupid stuff that caused their friendship to end.

A Major PSA to Fitness YouTubers

Plain and simple, do better. Be a man. Men don’t go online and put their “so-called” friends down. You don’t turn on the camera and make a video trying to “expose” an old friend you have anger or hate towards. What does that show or prove other than you’re a whiny little bitch?

And all of you making videos with commentary on the situation when two fitness YouTubers are fighting, quit chasing views. Is your repository of content ideas that slim that you need to stoop so low as to make a video talking about two grown fitness YouTubers who are fighting? Come on, now. Do better.

These types of videos will definitely get the clicks and views. And sure, you’ll probably make some ad revenue from your video(s). But can you literally upload the video and feel good about what you’re publishing? If you can, good for you. Maybe you’ve hit a low point in your career, and you’ll take your views and clicks however you can get them. But in the long run, people will look at you and your channel differently.

As much as I like these fitness YouTubers and content creators for what they’ve done in the past, with the nonsense they’re publishing on the platform lately, I’ve stopped engaging with their content. There’s no need to. Why? Because I know all I’m going to do is sit there for 15 minutes and listen to nothing but a grown man whine and complain about another man. It seems like some high school girl drama, no? I don’t have time for that.

Then these same guys want to make videos of “all the cool things they’ve bought thanks to YouTube revenue from all of us watching their videos.” No offense, but as a viewer, that turns me off from wanting to watch content. I’m all about capitalism and building your own business, but flat-out saying, “I have all of these expensive things because of you watching,” seems kind of disgusting. How about you try to be a little more humble?

I make content for a living. Know what I don’t do? I don’t make a video or write content about all the things I have because of clients who pay me to train them, brands who pay me to write their content or copy, or people who go to my website and engage with the things I publish. I’m not taking videos of my cars. I’m not doing a house tour to gloat. I do what I do because I want to help people.

Fitness YouTubers need to get back to the reason they started their channel in the first place — to use their extensive knowledge about topics in the industry and share it with others to help them reach their goals and learn something.

Enough with the online bickering back and forth in videos. Fitness YouTubers need to grow up and stop being so soft.