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Ron Harris Gets Hair Transplant in Istanbul Turkey

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Hair transplant

by Christian Duque

I never thought I would write an article for Iron Magazine about somebody in our industry that got a hair transplant. Number one I feel that it’s a very private matter and it’s not something that an article should be written on. Number two I feel that it isn’t really all that newsworthy because what one person does with his or her body really Isn’t exactly a groundbreaking headline.

And finally, number three, I don’t know how many people would actually read such an article because these types of stories are usually baseless rumors written from the perspective of trying to attack someone. I mean a lot of times they are written from people that are not in the know, and they are not really very much factually based therefore they are essentially smear pieces intended to cause distress or ridicule while meddling in other people’s lives.

The reason why this article is different, number one, is because Ron made a video about it on his YouTube channel, which is growing by leaps and bounds on a daily basis because of all the hard work he is putting into it. Number two, it’s interesting because he chronicled his entire journey where he went to get the procedure done and why. And finally, number three, it isn’t baseless because he gave us all of the footage, and did so in a very public manner.

So why am I writing an article about this?

Well, in case, you don’t know me, I’m bald. And in case you don’t know, a lot of other people in the industry, particularly actual bodybuilders, they’re bald too. Some might blame this on gear use while others I believe more accurately would point the finger at genetics. If I’m not mistaken, if your male and your paternal grandfather had a receding hairline or baldness, you’ll be in the boat. Again I didn’t really study genealogy very much, but that is from what I remember from school.

Much of who we are today comes from a genetic blueprint that can be matched to a family member going back from generation to generation. If you’re supposed to be bald, there isn’t very much you can do. You can take medications, you can spray stuff on your head, but you will never have the hair you had when you were younger. And sometimes receding hairlines can be very, very emotionally distressing.

One of the things that Ron said in his video, which we will include in my article was very much to the point. He said that he cared about his personal appearance and that that was a motivating factor for him to get this procedure done. Ron and his wife made the trip to Turkey and the rest is history.

Wait, what? Turkey?

And that is another reason why I’m writing this article. Turkey is one of the most developed countries in the world. Although the EU will not accept it for membership, it is half European, just like Russia. Actually, Russia is not really half European. Russia is about a quarter if not a fifth European but for whatever reason they’re allowed to be in the EU while Turkey is not. That’s not geography, rather, it’s politics.

But being European isn’t any better than being Asian I’m just making a point here. The fact is Turkey offers the hair transplant surgery that Ron got for about a quarter of the price of the United States. And it seems that a lot of other influencers in the fitness industry have gone there as well. This is quite noteworthy.

Years ago many people would go to Mexico for gynecomastia surgery. Again, a very simple procedure, but cost much less in Mexico than in the United States. Bodybuilders and other physique-based athletes also choose countries like Columbia for stem cell treatments and go elsewhere for other experimental procedures.

But don’t for a second think Ron and the others didn’t do their due diligence. They researched the doctors, the facilities, and they looked at the testimonials of past patients. That said, cost is an undeniable factor, as all of these procedures are deemed cosmetic. Since they’re not medical treatments, health insurance won’t cover anything. The patient is paying 100% of the bill.

I love the fact Ron was so open about his motivation to get this done and how transparent he was during the whole process. While many influencers like to portray being an open book, they’re often highly selective of what they actually share. Something like this would usually be too private. At least that would be my opinion. While Ron did this for his appearance and that does fall into the vanity category, Ron is by no means a narcissist. There are many of those in this industry. They’ll get the procedure done quietly and then deny ever having it done! Worse yet they might try to whore out a biotin formula or a seaweed product as the catalyst for regrowing their hair.

Ron on the other hand is a man’s man. He’s a blue collar bodybuilder and journalist from Boston looking to grow his YouTube channel by simply being honest. He’s just being himself and that’s more than enough reason to subscribe to his channel. Also be sure to give his videos a thumbs-up and leave a comment. Please and thank you.

Keep going strong, Ron!