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Our mission is to produce high quality supplements using the highest grade raw materials available. IronMag Labs® exists to provide the most hardcore, pure and legal supplements in the industry. We have been in business for 15 years and have a reputation for producing quality products that contain exactly what is on the label. All of our products are manufactured in an FDA approved, registered and inspected facility that maintains GMP certification and follows all FDA guidelines. Our pro-anabolic compounds are all third party independently lab tested before encapsulation. Our supplements work and do what we claim them to do, period!
What sets IronMag Labs® (IML) apart from the hundreds of other supplement companies on the market? In 2004 IronMag Labs® was born with the creation of our flagship product Anabolic-Matrix Rx™, one of the most celebrated natural testosterone boosting supplements every created. The founder of IML, Robert DiMaggio has earned a reputation as one of the most cutting-edge supplement formulators in the industry. In addition to Anabolic-Matrix Rx™, DiMaggio has spent years testing and formulating nearly every product currently sold by IML. To be clear, IML has earned its reputation as the leader in the prohormone industry because our products deliver real results. Our current “Super Andro” products all contain patent pending compounds that are superior to all other Andro derivatives on the market today. IML was the innovator of several products with unique and new compounds, many have been called “game-changers” in the category. Our top selling and most popular product is Super-DMZ® Rx which is now on its 5th revision of the formula and continues to be the dominant leader in the area of prohormones. IML will continue to push the envelope in sports supplementation. We are grateful to our loyal customers who continue to challenge and inspire us to keep raising the bar. If you’re just discovering IML today, welcome to the family. When it comes to reaching your personal goals, this might be the most important decision you’ve ever made.

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