Genetics May Determine How Effective Your Steroid Cycle Is

by Josh Hodnik

Bodybuilders have long known that some people grow easily on a moderate dose of anabolic steroids, while others must use much higher amounts only to experience slight changes. Some of the variance may be due to diet, training, aqnd lifestyle. However, there is one mitigating factor that determines a person’s size and strength, as well as how they respond to anabolic-androgenic steroids, and that is genetics.
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Lose Over 20 Pounds by Standing?

by Matt Weik

We have all seen the craze regarding standing desks. While some research shows they are beneficial, others show that standing all day can actually be bad for you. Unfortunately, we see this back and forth quite often with research. Look at what has happened with nutrition research when the craze became low-fat everything, and then research came back to say that isn’t necessarily the best option.
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How Much Protein Do We Need as We Age?

by Matt Weik

Here’s one thing we can all count on—we aren’t getting any younger. In an effort to not look and feel older than we really are, we turn to fitness and nutrition. However, one thing many people ask is if we need the same amount of protein as we did in our 20’s as we do in our 40’s (or older)? Researchers have looked into this and finally have an answer.
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Will 2018 Be Any Different for Cedric McMillan?

by Matt Weik

I’m a Cedric fanboy through and through. However, following his Arnold Classic win, I was completely disappointed with the package he brought to the Olympia stage. Not only did he barely squeeze into the top 10, but the guys he got beat by could quite frankly end Cedric’s chances of winning any shows in 2018.
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