It’s That Time of the Year – Should You Work Out When Sick?

by Matt Weik

Sniffles… Coughs… Congestion… You know what time it is—time to carry around the hand sanitizer! Colder months of the year tend to be a breeding ground to spread the common cold and flu. Yet, you don’t want to go all anti-social on the world and close everyone off, worried that you’ll get sick. So, you need to prepare yourself. In order to do so, you need to wash your hands regularly, maintain a healthy diet full of micronutrients, grab some extra vitamin C, and try to stay away from anyone who is currently sick.
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Will The Conqueror Win the Arnold Classic?

by Christian Duque

We’ve all heard the name William Bonac. In a relatively short amount of time, the Dutch bodybuilder has earned the respect of his fellow competitors, won a large fan-base, and managed to get the media to want to do videos and articles on him. Recently, he had a very controversial showdown with social media star Luimarco. Despite the fact that the L.U.I. basically said his days at the top were numbered, most fans know better. Very few bodybuilders ever break into the Mr. Olympia Top 3, even fewer are considered as having won the whole contest. Despite the sometimes overwhelming support for Big Ramy, coupled with the fact that he came bigger and more dialed in than ever, many fans (particularly those at the contest) had Bonac ahead of Ramy, and even ahead of Heath!! With the 30th Arnold Classic less than a month away, everyone is wondering just what would happen if William “The Conqueror” Bonac were to emerge victorious in Columbus, OH.
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Posing & Posing Music…

by Christian Duque

A bodybuilding contest is a sports event – that seems like a pretty obvious no-brainer, right?. Athletes prep for shows insofar as how they eat, what supplements they take, how they train and how they pose. There’s an ongoing debate as to whether bodybuilding is only a sport or a way of life, but whatever it is, it’s to be taken seriously. An NPC/IFBBPL sanctioned event has a great stage, officials, judges and press. Another big group to keep in mind, is the audience. There are significant-others, parents, and children. Some say that a contest is a family event, but even folks who may dissent from that notion, recognize that as an athletic event, there should be a certain level of decorum. Everything is about striking the balance. A successful bodybuilding event doesn’t have to mirror a Disney production or meet the burden imposed by political correctness, but there has have to be some limits as far what’s acceptable and what’s not.
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FREE is Holding Back the Fitness and Supplement Industry

by Matt Weik

Look, I like free as much as the next guy, but enough is enough. The fitness and supplement industry is plagued by brands and “experts” giving everything away for free. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to get a little help every now and then as well as try some free supplements, but consumers are now EXPECTING this to be the norm. And when it isn’t, they want to bitch and complain and wish the worst case of diarrhea upon your brand and business.
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A Bodybuilder’s Mindset Can Build a Profitable Business

by Matt Weik

Whether you’re a bodybuilder or a body-builder, you can take away a lot of things from living the lifestyle—especially when it comes to business. Now, I’m sure there are a lot of you scratching your head wondering how picking things up and putting them down equates to building a solid business, but it’s true. Bodybuilders are a different breed—not just physically, but mentally. Business owners and entrepreneurs are very similar to these genetically gifted lads. In fact, many business owner and entrepreneurs should be more like bodybuilders if they aren’t already. Let me explain.
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Growth Hormone – The Anabolic Debate

by Josh Hodnik

Human growth hormone was first experimented with by bodybuilders in the late 1970’s. This very expensive and once hard to find hormone was rumored to be the most effective bodybuilding drug to be discovered since the steroid era began in the 1950’s. The small number of bodybuilders that had access to HGH at this time were paying a small fortune for it in hopes of building a physique that was superior to other bodybuilders during this era. Human growth hormone was extracted from the pituitary of human cadavers until 1985, when it was then replaced by a synthetic version produced by recombinant DNA technology. Steroid guru Dan Duchaine, touted HGH as being a highly effective anabolic drug in his underground steroid handbook, which was released in 1982. Duchaine later contradicted his original view on HGH in 1989, when he claimed that HGH had little value to athletes in the second edition of his underground steroid handbook. This back and forth view on the effectiveness of HGH as a muscle builder has continued to this day.
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by Greg Valentino

Warning: Do not use this column orally or rectally. ..thank you ..G.V.

TWEET….I think I suffer from the “Oral-Anal Reversal Syndrome”… That means I’m either “Talking Shit” or “Talking Out-of-My-Ass”again!!!…

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It’s Expired – But Does That Mean It’s Not Good?

by Anthony Roberts

One of the most common questions I hear in both the steroid-world as well as the nutritional industry is “my stuff expired, is it still safe to use?” This ranges from Winstrol to protein powder and I can’t count how many times I’ve been asked this. Personally, I tend to be on the liberal side with my own stuff, often going pretty far past an expiry date. But what actually happens to drugs when they go past their expiration date? If your aspirin has expired, will it still get rid of your headache? (Answer: Wisconsin’s pharmacy school tested aspirin 4 years after it was made, and found that it was still 100% potent) But are you going to die because you’ve been using protein powder that expired yesterday?
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