2019 Protein Snack Craze

by Matt Weik

I don’t have any insider information (I wish I did), but I have a feeling 2019 is going to be the year where everyone starts thinking outside of the box when it comes to new ways to sell protein snack “supplements.” What do I mean when I say protein snack? I’m talking about snack items that Americans consume regularly, only with additional protein added to them. We’ve seen the movement start a few years ago but 2018 is when more and more brands started adding items such as a protein snack to their portfolio. Some of the products are innovative while some brands do what they always do and that’s copycat something another brand launches.
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Shawn Rhoden, The Promoter

by Christian Duque

We all know who Shawn “Flexatron” Rhoden is; he’s our reigning Mr. Olympia. He’s a man with millions of fans all around the world and he’s built the kind of physique most humans can only dream about. He knows all there is to know about bodybuilding. Together with his contest prep guru, Chris “The Technician” Aceto, Rhoden has defeated all the big names in bodybuilding, from Big Ramy to Dexter Jackson, all the way to denying 7x Mr. Olympia Phil “The Gift” Heath from the chance of making history, tying The Big Nasty Ronnie Coleman and the Totally Awesome Lee Haney for eight Olympia’s. In fact, Rhoden did what Kai Greene never could do. He not only defeated Heath, but it wasn’t even close, it was a total knockout.
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The Return of Women’s Bodybuilding

by Christian Duque

I bet you probably never thought you’d read an article with a headline such as this one’s anytime after the 2000’s. After all, countless media outlets and pundits were all but calling for the Last Rites being administered to Women’s Bodybuilding – and there was a time when the sure money was on that sad outcome. From the elimination of the Ms. International at the Arnold Classic, the end of the Ms. Olympia, and the retirement of 10x champion Iris Kyle, many thought the end was near.
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The Jay Cutler Model

by Christian Duque

Have you ever heard people tell you that “there’s no money in bodybuilding?” People are quick to say this to anyone who looks to the fitness industry as a place where to work, excel, and build a future from. Most of the people passing judgement fall into two camps. One camp are those who tried, perhaps going about it the wrong way. Another camp includes those who have very little knowledge, much less experience, but are skeptics by nature.
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Charles Dixon to Compete in Arnold OPEN

by Christian Duque

When you think of dense, freaky muscle, a few names come to mind. Dorian Yates – retired. Branch Warren – retired. Jose Raymond – retired. Charles Dixon, 212 bodybuilding freak, not only actively competing, but now, OFFICIALLY, competing in OPEN Bodybuilding at the upcoming 2019 Arnold Classic. The announcement made shockwaves in both the 212 and Open Bodybuilding worlds, as Dixon’s decision is nothing short of a bombshell. The South Carolina based bodybuilder, trained by legendary coach Trey Hodge, certainly has his work cut out for him, but then again so do the Open guys.
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The Mighty Quinn

by Christian Duque

Bodybuilding fans are a very diehard bunch, particularly those who have been into the sport for more than ten years, because they’ve seen different champions, they remember the magazines, and many may even remember seeing bodybuilding on TV, from Fox Sports to ESPN. The longer you’ve been a fan of something, the more hardcore you are, because you’ve grown with the sport. A bodybuilding contest, a gym, or even particular supplements could mean something more than what they are, you might associate them with significant others, with places you lived in, and/or with different times in your life. You might have been more optimistic then, maybe you were more gungho; people change over time.
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Sadik Returns to Men’s Physique

by Christian Duque

Sadiq Hazdovic is without a doubt one of the most decorated, iconic, and celebrated IFBB Pro League Men’s Physique champions of all time. This simply cannot be argued, much less refuted. His approach to training, nutrition, and executing perfect posing on stage, has caught everyone’s eye, including that of 3x Mr. Olympia Frank Zane. In fact, Zane gave Sadik a compliment that made the rounds throughout the bodybuilding press, stating the young champion had the physique most like his own. The photos of the two champions created a fantastic amount of nostalgia and excitement (for the future), unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed.
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Your Excuses Show Your Lack of Prioritization

by Matt Weik

How many of you know people that find every excuse possible why they can’t exercise? They work long hours. They have kids to take care of. There’s way too much to get done around the house. They don’t have the money to pay for a gym membership. The list goes on and on without end. Every time you show them a way to work around their excuse they simply find another excuse to use.
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Why Bodybuilding Print Magazines Are Dead

by Matt Weik

I remember the days when I would wait impatiently for my magazine subscriptions to show up in the mail. It was similar to a kid on Christmas morning waiting to open presents and his parents were taking too long to get ready and come downstairs. I had subscriptions to Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, FLEX, Muscular Development, and Muscle & Fitness. Every free second I had was spent reading one of the magazines I got in the mail. Then the whole cycle would repeat itself the following month. I simply couldn’t get my hands on enough fitness and bodybuilding magazines. Then, just like the dinosaurs, they’re all but extinct.
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Goodbye to a Legend – The Passing of Ed Corney

By Christian Duque

Who hasn’t seen Pumping Iron? It’s the movie that put bodybuilding on the map in the 1970’s and it’s a film people are still watching today, many thinking it’s a new release (in some parts of the world). The film introduced Arnold to America, but it also gave us a look at what contest prep was all about, what hardcore training meant (whether in the limelight at Gold’s Venice or in a tiny little, off the grid gym like in the case of Lou Ferrigno’s). Pumping Iron showed us that bodybuilding transcends nationalities, cultures, and socioeconomic brackets. In Ed Corney’s case, the film showed us that as far as bodybuilding was concerned, age was just a number.
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Will Neil Hill Make Big Ramy, Mr. Olympia?

by Christian Duque

The bodybuilding world has been waiting a long time. Each and every year fans grow frantic, wondering if this will be the year that The Egyptian Phenom, the one simply known as “Big Ramy,” arrives in Las Vegas, larger than life, peeled to the bone, ready to take the Mr. Olympia. Ramy is a very good bodybuilder, he’s worked with all the big names, from Dennis James to Bader Boodai, but the question remains, why hasn’t he won the Sandow yet? In 2017, he placed a commanding runner-up and the bodybuilding world was in a total frenzy. When I saw him earlier this year in Pittsburgh, people couldn’t stop marveling out how huge he was – and mind you – 7x Mr. Olympia, Phil “The Gift” Heath was at this contest too. That didn’t matter, because even with his seven straight wins, all the attention remained on Ramy. This was always a point of contention for the champ. If he had seven Sandows, why was the attention on the big man?
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Dan The Bodybuilder – Through Hell and Back

by Christian Duque

This is the story of a community that came together to help one of its own. “Dan The Bodybuilder” just lived through a nightmare, the worst seems like it may be over, but who really knows. A few days ago, I saw a video that showed a somber sounding and somber looking man in a hospital bed in Thailand. He pled for help, after many surgeries, trying to save his leg after injecting what he calls bad gear. The cost of one surgery, let alone multiple, can be astounding, but this was a man who had clearly exhausted his resources and was seeking help from the bodybuilding world. Many of the biggest websites and media outlets in the sport, took to the cause, as well as fans posting threads on various message boards and blogs.
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