In Order to GROW You Must SLEEP

by Matt Weik

We all know that our time spent in the gym is for breaking down muscle fibers and that growth actually occurs outside of the gym when we rest. Yet, most people aren’t getting enough sleep at night to fully benefit from their hard work in the gym. We live hectic lives – I don’t think anyone will deny that? We burn the candle at both ends until we are completely tapped out with exhaustion or until the stress compounds and we end up sick. But, all of this could be alleviated and you could reach your true growth potential by getting more shuteye (along with following a solid diet and exercise program) – around seven to nine hours of sleep is recommended.
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Read This Before Signing A Gym Contract

by Christian Duque

Whether it’s New Year’s, the start of the Fall or Spring semester in college, or whether you’re just looking to get in shape, I want you to read this article thoroughly before you stroll into a gym looking to join up. I don’t care if the place you’re going to is a judgment free zone, I don’t care if they prefer being called a club to a gym, and I don’t care how much of a family or friendly vibe you get from the sales rep, because that’s just what they are. You’re not transforming your life, you’re not embarking on a metaphysical journey, and you’re not on the verge of something big. Take all that wishful thinking out of your mind, stop acting with your heart, and put your brain and instincts to work.
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Addiction Is A Disease, Not A Crime

by Christian Duque

First and foremost, I’d like to put my cards on the table. Yes, I’m probably the most liberal person you’ll ever meet in the world of bodybuilding. Some may even call be a closet socialist – maybe I am. I was, after all, a Bernie Sanders delegate and I did vote for Jill Stein. I will also say I’ve never been addicted to illegal drugs, but I was addicted to cigarettes for about 12yrs. Some might say that’s whack, because cigarettes aren’t a drug, but then again, nicotine most certainly is & if that weren’t enough, it probably accounts for more deaths than any drug I can think of.
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Phil Heath – Will He Make History?

by Christian Duque

Phil Heath is the best. He’s the undeniable #1. No one is better. Not Lee Haney, not Ronnie Coleman, not even Arnold. No one beats Phil when it comes to not being able to process criticism. He’s the best – I’ll totally give him that. But all jokes aside, there’s a huge camp that argues Phil will go down in history as the greatest bodybuilder of all times. There’s already people saying as much on the message boards. His fans – and there are many – have been saying it loud and clear for quite some time. They believe Phil brought just the kind of physique that bodybuilding needed.
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2018 Mr. Olympia Preview

by Geoff Roberts

The most anticipated day in all of bodybuilding is upon as once again. The 2018 Mr. Olympia is right around the corner and is shaping up to be one of the most influential of its kind. Phil Heath is going for a record tying eight victories, the old guard is attempting to hold their spots amongst the elite of the elite, and a brand new pack of young lions continue to climb the ranks of mount Olympia. It’s been said many times before, but this could be the year we see a true changing of the guard at the Mr. Olympia. With Kai Greene and Dennis Wolf seemingly out of the show for good, it is now up to Shawn Rhoden, Dexter Jackson, and Roelly Winklaar to hold down the fort for the veterans of our sport. Their task will prove to be a difficult one with the likes of Big Ramy, William Bonac, Nathan De Asha, Brandon Curry, and Sergio Oliva Jr. nipping at their heels.
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Could Flex Lewis Survive in Open Bodybuilding?

by Matt Weik

It’s difficult to hear that this year might be Flex Lewis’ last year competing in 212. Now, he didn’t completely give insight into what’s next, but many are saying retirement isn’t in the picture. This could really only mean one thing – Flex is looking to make the move into the open division.
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Derek Lunsford Will Win Big in 2018

by Christian Duque

We are living in a very exciting period of time in bodybuilding. The reigning Mr. Olympia, Phil Heath, has won seven consecutive times. As an amateur, he’s never lost. As a pro, his ascent was lightning fast. Phil has been a dominating force in the sport ever since he was basically discovered by former Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler. In the 212, James “Flex” Lewis aka The Welsh Dragon has won six consecutive times. Much like Heath, Lewis has proven to be unstoppable. Other divisions, like Men’s Physique and Women’s Physique have also had long-running champions who have also proven to be invincible. If there was ever time for a change of the guard, it’s now.
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Is Coffee A Suitable Pre-Workout Supplement?

by Christian Duque

The need for energy has become a major issue facing athletes everywhere. A great preworkout product on the market is IronMag Labs’ Maximum Pump V2. This product helps athletes train longer, get pumps, battle fatigue and even get stronger. The category, however, is largely over-saturated in the fitness industry, with everything from absolute junk to excellent powders, pills, and tablets. Prices also vary, and unfortunately for the consumer, you don’t always get what you pay for. Take the amino spiking scandal of not to long ago, some companies implicated were by no means bottom-shelf. Another area where shadiness takes place is protein. Some products, even those considered to be from the best brands, are deceptive insofar as how much protein they actually offer per serving.
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Will Print Media Ever Come Back?

by Christian Duque

We’ve been hearing the online pundits say it for years, constantly speculating about the day when magazines are never again seen on the newstands. On the one hand, statement like those have to be taken with a grain of salt. If a website owner is saying that, clearly they have a dog in the race. The more quickly print goes away, the more advertising dollars there’ll be for the net. That having been said, some things have become factual. For example, big companies are cutting their ad budgets when it comes to print and small to medium-sized companies are hardly jumping into the void.
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Are Eggs the New Best Post-Workout Secret?

by Matt Weik

Without a doubt, eggs are one of the best protein sources you can find. I’ve done several content pieces on how great eggs are not only for your health, but for putting on quality lean muscle mass. It seems just about every year some new research comes out showing more benefits. Now, researchers are stating there’s a greater muscle-building response when individuals choose eggs post-workout – but not just any egg will do.
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9 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work Out

by Matt Weik

I’m going to be honest, there are days that I simply don’t want to work out. Heck, there are even some weeks where I’m just so busy that I want to skip my workouts altogether. However, I know if I put my workouts on the backburner, that not only am I going to regret it, but I’m also going to find it harder to get back in the groove. Therefore, in this article, you will find some surefire ways to motivate yourself to work out.
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Masters Competitors: Should Be The Most In Demand

by Christian Duque

Age is just a number. That’s something we often hear; it sounds nice and it usually makes people smile. In all reality, it could be summed up as just something nice to say, but in physique-based sports there’s a certain undeniable ring of truth to it. In sports where muscle maturity isn’t only a good thing, but something young competitors only wish they could have, it’s certainly food for thought. A big question, creating an interesting dichotomy, is whether muscle maturity is based on the time the athlete has held the muscle – or – the actual age of said person. Most schools of thought would say it’s a little of both. Also, another thing that needs to be said is that as normal people age, their bones become weaker, the skin loses resilience, their energy wanes and in some cases there’s either fat gain and/or muscle loss.
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