Lessons from Arnold’s Attack in South Africa

by Christian Duque

First and foremost, thank God that Arnold’s strong as a tank and that nothing serious happened this past weekend in South Africa. With that being said, there’s no question that high profile individuals, especially in this day and age, require more security than normal laypeople. There’s all sorts of whackjobs to deal with, not to mention far more aggressive paparazzi. When you stop to think about it, celebrities can’t go shopping like the rest of us, they can’t go pick up a dozen eggs at the local market, and in some instances, they can’t even get to their mailboxes, out to their driveways, or even peak out their front doors to see if the day’s overcast or not. Many celebrities create large compounds for themselves, complete with movie theaters, golf courses, and amusement parks for their kids). Sadly, the children of celebrities don’t get any leeway, either. The paparazzi and crazy fans will turn their lives upside down too.
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Facebook Implements Instagram Censorship That Targets Influencers

by Matt Weik

Not too long ago, I wrote an article about Facebook censorship when it came to the health and fitness realm. It appeared as if Zuckerberg thought that transformation images, photos of rock-hard abs, and tight glutes were intimidating and could make his users on the Facebook platform feel bad about themselves. I’m not here to debate his stance, but I’m sure you know how I feel about the topic. But now, Zuckerberg is taking things one step further by rolling out new Instagram censorship (well, kind of).
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Will Roelly Winklaar Turn It Around in Time?

by Christian Duque

I recently saw, interviewed, and chatted with famed bodybuilder Roelly “The Beast” Winklaar at the 2019 NPC Pittsburgh Championships. In usual Roelly fashion, he looked massive, his arms were surreal and his mindset was upbeat. He looked and sounded like The Beast, but after this year’s Arnold Classic in Columbus, OH, there’s plenty of skepticism as to whether Winklaar will be able to turn things around, in time, for the Olympia.
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Smart Cap the Future of Supplements & Drugs?

by Matt Weik

I love technology – especially when it makes my life a heck of a lot easier. Thanks to Stride Nutrition and Pillsy, there are a ton of people who are going to be excited by a new technology they launched. It’s essentially a smart cap that connects to an app and tracks your compliance and uses as well as how many pills are left in the bottle for automatic reordering. I think the science behind this technology can help many people, including the elderly (assuming they have a smartphone). Let’s take a deeper dive into the Smart Cap, what it does, and how I feel this technology is going to be a game changer.
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If Kai Greene Came Back Could He Win the Olympia?

by Matt Weik

With so much speculation if Kai Greene will return to the Olympia stage in 2019, I decided to toss my hat in the ring with a prediction as well as my thoughts. For starters, as of the time of writing this article, despite what you may have heard, Kai Greene has not received a special invite to compete at the Mr. Olympia competition in Vegas later this year. Should he get the invite or qualify like everyone else, does he have a shot at winning his first Olympia title? Let’s discuss.
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Leave Flexatron Alone!

by Christian Duque

Ok, ok, I’m not about to make a video crying like that kid way back when did about leaving Britney Spears alone, then again.. Look here’s the deal folks. You can always count on me, The Iron Duque, to tell it like it is. What do I have to worry about? Getting trolled? I’ve been trolled by the BEST in the business and I always ask for more. Why? Because haters are the people who most tirelessly put your name out there. Sure, they’re trashing you, but a hit’s a hit.
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Lee Priest Leaves Black Skull

by Christian Duque

In an announcement that rocked the bodybuilding world, legendary Australian bodybuilder Lee Priest announced on Sam’s Fitness Youtube channel, that after a 5yr run, he’d left supplement powerhouse, Black Skull. I saw Lee at said booth at the 2018 Arnold Classic and the lines were undeniable. When word got out that Priest would be in Columbus, it was pandemonium. Middle-aged men and women had become like kids in a candy shop.
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Losers Trolling Shawn Rhoden / Big Ramy Out For 2019

In this week’s edition of The Iron Duque Speaks, presented by IronMag Labs, I address the haters, trolls, keyboard warriors and other losers who seem to being having a field day knocking Mr. Oympia Shawn “Flexatron” Rhoden. I also discuss Big Ramy sitting out the rest of 2019.

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