We’ve Officially Accepted Being Fat as Normal in America

by Matt Weik

It’s official. We, Americans, have now deemed being fat as “ok” in our society. In fact, when compared to previous years, more people are saying they don’t need to lose weight—they’re in denial because of what we have created here in the states. This article might ruffle some feathers, and that’s ok. Being a leader in the industry doesn’t mean everyone is going to agree with you or like what you say, even when the facts are 100% accurate.
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Coconut Oil the new SEO?

by Matt Weik

Could coconut oil be the next big site enhancement oil in the world of bodybuilding? Could the days of synthol be gone and now when guys aren’t using coconut oil in their diet or lathering over their body for smooth skin and healthy hair they’re injecting it into their muscles to increase the size? It appears so—at least for one bodybuilder in the UK. Unfortunately for him, it didn’t work as expected.
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4 Protein Sources to Keep in Your Desk Drawer

by Matt Weik

I’m sure a good majority of the people reading this article work at a company that requires them to be at a desk to complete their job. What happens when a meeting goes way longer than you expected or you’re under a lot of pressure to finish a project and you don’t have time to hit lunch? You simply don’t eat, right? That’s a terrible idea. Not only will that zap your energy for the remainder of the day and slow down productivity, but it will also force you to eat more after work just to hit your daily macros. And we all know what happens when we are super hungry— we tend to overeat.
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The Big “If” in IIFYM

by Geoff Roberts

If It Fits Your Macros, or IIFYM, has been a hot topic over the last several years in the bodybuilding industry. For those of you who are not familiar with this diet, here is a simple explanation. IIFYM is a diet strategy in which the dieter sets certain macro-nutrient goals for him or herself, much like any other diet, but instead of using normal “clean” foods, the dieter can fill his or her macro requirements with any food they wish. In other words, as long as you hit your daily requirements for protein, carbohydrates, and fat, it does not matter if you get those macro-nutrients from hot dogs and cake, or chicken breast and spinach. I feel there are two major flaws with this diet which are rarely brought up.
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Where Are Supplement Companies Going Wrong?

by Matt Weik

In a world where money talks, the supplement industry is no different. People want to use products that work, and retailers want to buy products that will increase their sales. There is, however, a fine line that many supplement companies walk on in terms of growth strategies. One of which, is trying to move into mass market in hope of moving volume. Some will say it’s smart, others will say it’s a sure way to lose business. Let’s explain.
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Your Bathroom Scale Lies to You

by Matt Weik

A scale. Most of us have them in our homes—whether we decide to use them or not, they sit there on the bathroom floor. What exactly we expect it to tell us is beyond me. Do we actually think that the numbers it shows means anything to us? The true answer is no, they shouldn’t—it’s just a number. So why do you have one when all it does is tell you lies?
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Prepping for a Bodybuilding Show

There are many people out there who call themselves bodybuilders, but in my opinion, unless you have attempted to take the stage at least once in your life, you are just a weightlifter. There is a big difference between having a physique with some visible abs that looks good on the beach and the body that you see in competition, with striated glutes, paper-thin skin, and veins like you’d see in an anatomy chart. Many have attempted to step on stage, and many have failed. In my mind, that’s what separates a wannabe bodybuilder from the real deal.
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Bodybuilding Techniques

Bodybuilding techniques were developed to compete against the dreaded and feared plateau, the sticking point and/or the proverbial wall. Bodybuilding techniques are basic resistance training regimens designed to specifically increase muscle mass (hypertrophy) as compared to techniques utilized to increase sport specific requisites (speed, balance, coordination, agility, reactivity, flexibility, strength, etc.). Techniques described here involve hypertrophy of the muscle complex i.e. muscle, tendon, ligament, joints, and bones. As you focus on long-term goals, you must prepare the supportive structures to adapt and change as our muscles are continually growing.
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The Origins and Early History of Anabolic Steroids

by Mike Arnold

And it all started with a Bottle of Vodka – “The origins and early history of Anabolic Steroids”

The year was 1954 and American physician, Dr. John Zeigler, had made his way over to Vienna, where the U.S. weightlifting team would be competing in the World Championships. During the competition, John struck up a conversation with the head physicist of the Russian weightlifting team, who took a liking to John and asked if he wanted to meet up later for drinks to discuss mutual interests. Not willing to miss an opportunity to pick the brain of the one who helped carry the Russian’s to Olympic dominance 2 years prior, John was more than happy to oblige.
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by Matt Weik

I think it’s clear to say that Amazon has become the elephant in the room lately when it comes to supplements. Not only are they stealing share from ecommerce supplement retailers across the globe, but now they decided to dabble with their own supplement line and put a full court press on the industry. What does this mean for their website, the competition, and the market?
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Bad Day at Work? Exercise Can Help You from Bringing It Home!

by Matt Weik

We’ve all had those days where our boss is on us about everything. You couldn’t do anything right in their eyes. You leave the office frustrated and angry that you got beat down and abused all day long and for what seemed like no reason. The entire drive home you can’t stop thinking about how terrible your day was. You walk in your house and all of those emotions follow you through the threshold. Now all of a sudden, your bad day is taken out on your spouse and kids—and they didn’t do anything to deserve it. Let’s just say this isn’t a regular occurrence and you generally don’t have bad days at work, your family might look past it as you just had a bad day. But when those days turn into weeks and months, you have a problem on your hands. Now your work is affecting your home life. That’s not a good situation to be in.
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