Confusion Coaches

by Geoff Roberts

Fitness is officially full-on trendy. There is no shortage of skinny-fat people sporting gym brands outside the gym as if they are hardcore, while they spend hundreds of dollars and thousands of minutes coordinating gym outfits strictly to take photos of themselves in the gym. It takes but one scroll through Instagram to learn that letting everyone know that you go to the gym has somehow become much more important than one’s actual progress in the gym.
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Why Is Creating Content Important for Your Supplement Brand?

by Matt Weik

In today’s age, more and more companies are looking to build traffic to their website, regardless of if they are a direct to consumer brand or if they are simply trying to build awareness of their products. Many of them have amazing websites with a ton of great products but their sales and traffic sucks. They are left scratching their head. If they were to only fully understand the power of creating content, they could see a huge spike in traffic and convert more sales.
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Dave Palumbo on Joe Rogan Podcast?

by Christian Duque

When I first saw the headline, I was really surprised, I was floored actually. I wasn’t surprised Dave would get an interview, because Dave knows a ton about nutrition, training, and supplements. When it comes to getting people contest ready, Palumbo is at the top of the list. No, I was surprised Joe Rogan would ask. I don’t dislike Rogan, I just don’t really get him. He’s obviously very talented, but he’s a podcaster, and I’m not big into podcasts (maybe 10-15yrs ago, but def not now).
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Shawn Rhoden interview on Pittburgh Guest Posing

Mr Olympia Shawn Rhoden has his say on the Pittsburgh Pro Guest Posing appearance he made, the upcoming 2019 Mr Olympia + much more in an interview with Sean Perich of NPC News Online. I highlight the main parts of that interview & I want to know what you guys think? Can Rhoden repeat?
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Top 5 Supplements for Gamers

by Matt Weik

Supplements are no longer just for those looking for better health, a better physique, or better performance for athletics. Now, supplement companies are target gamers. eSports has taken off and there are tournaments played around the world both at physical locations as well as online with big money prizes. Heck, gamers are even getting sponsorships these days! Supplements for gamers are designed to help improve their mental and cognitive performance to play video games at a high level.
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Phil Heath – Confessions of a 7 Time Mr. Olympia

Phil Heath and Patrick Bet-David have their second conversation about what it takes to make it o the highest levels of body building seven times at the Valuetainment conference – The Vault 2019 with Patrick Bet-David. Make sure to subscribe to the channel to get all the updates.
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The Passing of Matt Porter

by Christian Duque

There are times when the bodybuilding community comes together and really makes the case for this whole sport, being far bigger than just that. We’ve seen it with the passing of Dallas McCarver and now we see it, again, with the passing of Matt Porter. When I first saw the news, I couldn’t believe it. I immediately wanted to think it was a hoax or fake news. While I wasn’t friends with Matt and I don’t think I ever even met him, I felt my heart drop.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 5 Rules for Success

Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger reveals his 5 secret steps to tackling life and becoming Mr. Universe (at the age of 20), 7-time Mr. Olympia, Hollywood legend and 2-term Governor of California. His story proves that no obstacle is too big to overcome and no vision, too big to achieve.
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Lessons from Arnold’s Attack in South Africa

by Christian Duque

First and foremost, thank God that Arnold’s strong as a tank and that nothing serious happened this past weekend in South Africa. With that being said, there’s no question that high profile individuals, especially in this day and age, require more security than normal laypeople. There’s all sorts of whackjobs to deal with, not to mention far more aggressive paparazzi. When you stop to think about it, celebrities can’t go shopping like the rest of us, they can’t go pick up a dozen eggs at the local market, and in some instances, they can’t even get to their mailboxes, out to their driveways, or even peak out their front doors to see if the day’s overcast or not. Many celebrities create large compounds for themselves, complete with movie theaters, golf courses, and amusement parks for their kids). Sadly, the children of celebrities don’t get any leeway, either. The paparazzi and crazy fans will turn their lives upside down too.
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