Physical activity makes the coronavirus less deadly
Physical activity protects against corona. When infected with the coronavirus, a little physical exercise reduces the chance that you have to be hospitalised, the chance that you end up in a ICU and the chance that you will die.


American physician Robert Sallis, of the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Fontana, California, analyzed the data of 48,440 patients who became infected with the corona virus in 2020 and reported to a doctor from Kaiser Permanente Medical Center. The patients had told at least three times in the past years how much they exercised daily.Some of the patients exercised sufficiently according to current guidelines. They walked for 30 minutes at a brisk pace at least 5 days a week - or achieved an equivalent amount of physical activity [Consistently active].
Sallis compared the outcomes of the corona infection of this group with those of the consistently inactive and inconsistently active patients. For the sake of convenience, in this post we limit ourselves to the difference between the study participants who exercised enough and the study participants in the consistently inactive category.
Not exercising increased the risk of hospitalization, the need for intensive care unit nursing and the risk of death. The harmful effect of not exercising was greater than that of diabetes, cancer or cardiovascular disease.

Smoking, being overweight and almost all other lifestyle factors that Sallis included in his analysis all weighed less than not exercising.
Sallis found only two factors that outweighed not exercising: an advanced age of 60-70 and having had organ transplants (read: taking drugs that prevent the rejection of new organs but also inhibit the immune system).
"Engaging in regular physical activity may be the single most important action individuals can take to prevent severe COVID-19 and its complications, including death", resumes Sallis.

"This message is especially important given the increased barriers to achieving regular physical activity during lockdowns and other pandemic restrictions. The results of the present study suggest a clear and actionable guideline for reducing the risk of severe COVID-19 outcomes."
According to practically all studies into the effects of the corona lockdowns on lifestyle, the amount of physical activity has decreased as a result of those measures.
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