Do Visa Gift Card's Work?

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    Do Visa Gift Card's Work?

    Hi, i'm beginning body building and would like to hit the ground running.
    not to be a lame ass, but i just got out of the hospital for a bunch of shit
    (that won't give me problems by taking any of the medication on here) however
    this means i'm living with my mom for the time being, and any money i use is
    taken out of her bank account. so i'd like to go purchase a Visa Gift card and use that
    on here, therefore she has no record of what it is i'm buying. kinda just personal reasoning you know?

    Some websites don't work with Visa Gift Cards and i'm wondering if this one does.

    I'd very much appreciate an EMAIL responce, if possible.

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    Re: Do Visa Gift Card's Work?

    Call them to try and make a purchase.

    So Mote it Be

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    Re: Do Visa Gift Card's Work?

    A pre-paid visa gift card should work.

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    Re: Do Visa Gift Card's Work?

    Not calling you a liar in any sort, just offering my input here. forgive me if this offends you -

    Most people who use visa gift cards don't have access to a credit card because they are under 18 (Hopefully this doesn't apply to you) That being said, on the off chance you are in fact still a teenager, please re-consider taking any PH, PS, or running any gear. If you are a teen, don't even post back, make your own decision, but just search up "Prohormone use in teens" on google. Again, just watching out for you or any teens that read this, hopefully it's not your case and what you said is true.

    Best of luck

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    Re: Do Visa Gift Card's Work?

    I don't believe they get past our AVS system because there is no address associated with them.

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