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Are All Pro Bodybuilders Unhealthy?


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Are All Pro Bodybuilders Unhealthy?

George Farah discusses if it’s possible for high level pro bodybuilders to be healthy or if the sport simply always demands certain health risks.

To the mainstream public, building muscle, trimming fat, and sculpting the human physique is all seen as a healthy endeavor. This is true, fitness is about being healthy and promoting positive lifestyle habits first and foremost. But when you enter the arena of pro bodybuilding, the amount of size and muscle necessary to compete is on a whole other level. Is it healthy to weight 250 pounds of lean muscle? Are the supplements taken safe? When it comes down to it – is it at all possible for a pro bodybuilder to actually be healthy? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, George Farah explains the realities of whether or no pro bodybuilders can lead a healthy lifestyle.

When an athlete competes at the pro level of bodybuilding, their body becomes an instrument. It needs to be perfectly tuned to bring the best results. That means a pro bodybuilder is putting things into their bodies that normal people simply don’t need to do – even normal people who are fit. When it comes down to the additional supplements, the mass amount of food that needs to be consumed, the pure weight and size of mass monster muscle – does that ultimately add up to an unhealthy life?

During our conversation with bodybuilding coach George Farah, we asked him if a pro bodybuilder lifestyle is by default an unhealthy one. Ins the end goal of a Men’s Open pro bodybuilder simply one that is unhealthy? Farah doesn’t think so. He actually thinks that bodybuilders can lead a healthy life – though many of them don’t due to the current culture.

George Farah has already discussed in our past interview segments how he thinks the new generation of bodybuilders take way too many substances. This is a sentiment shared by various experts, coaches, and even athletes in the industry. Farah doesn’t think it needs to be that way – and he urges all bodybuilders to realize that there will always be more life after competitive bodybuilding. Most of these athletes will not be able to compete forever. They need to focus on the long view and prioritize their health while also training to compete.

It’s not easy, and George Farah explains the amount of detailed steps he puts his clients through to ensure that they stay healthy while also maintaining impressive mass monster physiques. He uses his past experiences with Kai Greene as an example. Kai would call and double check everything he needed to do with Farah – to ensure that every single detail and step was completed. This of course, was to become the best bodybuilder. But it was also to become the best healthy bodybuilder he can be.

Not everyone will have the benefit of a legendary coach to guide them. But pro bodybuilding was never meant to be easy. George Farah ultimately lays the responsibility down on each individual athlete. Pro bodybuilding needs to be taken seriously. Not just to win – but to also stay healthy and have a life after bodybuilding.