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Men who want to live longer should exercise more


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Men who want to live longer should exercise more
The more calories people over sixty burn by exercising, the greater the chance that they will still be alive in eleven years. In this age group, according to a Brazilian study, exercise is especially important for men.



In 2015, Brazilian epidemiologists published a study in Clinical Interventions in Aging, in which they followed 1,378 people over 60 for 11 years. The study participants all lived in the city of Bambui.The study started in 1997 and continued until 2007. At the start of the project, the researchers determined the lifestyle of the participants.
The Brazilians looked at physical activity, among other things. They asked the participants how often and how much they walked, climbed stairs, carried heavy loads, cleaned floors and windows, swam, danced, cycled, did repairs, participated in regular sports or worked out at a gym, gardened or rode horses.
Next, the researchers determined how much energy the study participants expended through exercise. On this basis, they divided the participants into 3 equally sized groups [tertiles].
In the tertile that exercised the least, 35 percent of the men were still alive after 11 years. For women, this was about 70 percent.






In the tertile with the most physical activity, 70 percent of the men were still alive after 11 years. This was more than 77 percent for women. Although in most studies exercise has a significant positive health effect on both sexes, in this particular study it was only the case for men.
"The findings in this study showed that seks is an important effect modifier in the association between energy expenditure and mortality risk among older Brazilian adults", the researchers write. "This protective effect of physical activity was only found in men."

"It was possible to observe the effect of physical activity on reducing mortality risk, and there was a significant interaction between sex and energy expenditure, which should be considered in the analysis of this association in various populations."
Clin Interv Aging. 2015 Apr 16;10:751-8.