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Nori's Epi Super Rx Log


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Hey guys I'm Nori, 21 years of age. I've been told about IML products for some time now by a good friend of mine and at first I was rather iffy (considering I myself have never tried supplements like this) I was the GNC loyal customer lol. But after doing countless hours of research on the internet and reading many people's threads on here and seeing pictures of my friend who himself has tried it I said "to hell with it"
ive been working out consistently for a solid 2 months: 2 times a day 5 times a week and have been dieting for 4 weeks now. I got tired of not seeing any progression whatsoever in my body shape. So I purchased Epi-Andro Super Rx (along with E- Control 2.0, Advanced Cycle Support and Ultra Male). Today was my first day starting the cycle and I'll be trying to keep a daily update on here hoping to receive some pointers and tips. Currently Taking 1 EAS w/ 2 ACS in the AM and PM.

23 Jan 2017:

Chest and Cardio
Inclined Bench Press
Inclined Flies
Flat Bench Press
Flat Bench Flies
Declined Bench Press
Declined Flies
20 minutes of treadmill running.
All in 4 set of 10 reps

BW: 167 lbs
Heights: 5'5"

Strength: No significant change.
Endurance: Found myself less fatigued, kept wanting to continue even with putting some more weight.
Body Temp + Sweat: Had a nice warming sensation, nothing too crazy rather comforting warmth, sweat wasn't too bad until I hopped on the treadmill then I was nearly soaked in sweat.
Energy: Nice consistent clean energy throughout the entire time I was at the gym, no jitters what so ever.
Hardness: Chest and arms where actually harder than usual nothing crazy though.
Vascularity: Was a change when actually lifting saw veins in places I don't normally see them I.e. Shoulders, Hands, Some parts of the biceps.
Sex Drive: No change yet.
Aggression: Slight spike in my aggression at the gym, noticed when even my arms wanted to give out towards the end of the hour, I felt the needed to keep pushing.
Personal Thoughts: Felt a little spacey once I got home, figure it could be lack of sleep more than anything

If anyone one has any tips or tricks . Please feel free to post, I'd like as much tips and feedback as possible thanks again!


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24 Jan 27

Thoughts: Feeling great in the afternoon, in the morning still kind of dragging ass.
Went to sleep extra early night before still kinda feeling tired in the morning during morning workouts.

Strength: No difference in the morning. Felt a nice "power-rush" in the afternoon session.
Hardness: Again, great hardness during both sessions.
Blood Pressure & Body Temp: In the morning rather calm. No ridiculous sweating. Afternoon, was insane crazy sweats after first 4 sets, yet still with a nice warming sensation.
Endurance: Again, felt rather exhausted in the morning nothing too crazy but was noticeable. In the afternoon was a different person, completely ready to continue working out with no signs of fatigue or exhaustion.
Energy: Somewhat energetic in the am with the feeling of exhaustion. In the afternoon as previous stated was suited and booted even had a smile on my face throughout the session.
Sex Drive: No Change
Vascularity: Not too much of a change from the day before would say they look more full throughout though.
Sleep: No change. Getting full 8 hours.
Personal Thoughts: So far I like it, trying to figure out as to why I had much more of an affect in the PM than AM. Not zoning out so I'm assuming that was from the lack of sleep the night before. Will continue to stick to the same daily schedule along with eating. Again if any suggestions please feel free to give input. Would love feedback!

Back and Abs
DeadLifts 225lbs 4x10
Bent Over Rows 165 4x10
Seated T-Bar Rows 190 4x10
Wide Arm Lat Pull downs 120 4x10
Closed Arm Lat Pull Down 120 4x10

Crunches 100
Hanging Leg Raises 100
Seated Ab Crunches Machine 100


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25 Jan 17

hope you guys are having a good day! Today was kind of ass, schedule was messed up due to work.only got to hit the gym in the afternoon unfortunately.

Daily Thoughts: I had no energy what so ever. And feeling soreness everyday, was told if I'm not drinking enough water or getting enough sleep that would be a major cause to the soreness. Will be increasing my water intake hoping to see if it helps.

Strength: No change so far from previous days.

Hardness: Only being my 3rd day I can tell that the hardness in my upper body is only going to continue to increase, absolutely infatuated with how hard my body will get during sets.

Blood Pressure + Body Temp: Again no crazy BP, but like previously had that awesome warming sensation.

Endurance: Even with being so tired and drained I didn't feel like I was dragging ass so much. At first yes but after the first set I didn't feel the need to want to stop and take a long break.

Energy: Like previously stated, I was completely tired due to lack of sleep I'm assuming.

Sex Drive: No change.

Vascularity: Man oh man, I'm loving it seeing a change almost everytime im going to the gym.

Sleep: Not good, went to bed rather late and due to work had to be up by 4am.

Shoulders and Cardio.

Shoulder Press 115 4x10
Front Delt Raises 95 4x10
Back Delt Raises 95 4x10
Side Delt Raises 95 4x10
Upward Rows 95 4x10
Shruggs 200 4x10